Wrong Turn TLA – TinyURL Covering your Affiliate Links


What comes to mind when you see the url Tinyurl.Com? If you’ve been in the web world for a while you’ve probably come to realize that most of those links go to underperforming websites with little to offer. If they had something to offer they would have just search engine optimized their sites or paid someone to do it for them. For those who don’t know what TinyURL is its a service that allows you to use short URL domain names instead of a long complex one.

The most interesting part is TLA (Text Link Ads) just announced their use of tinyurl to hide the fact that its an affiliate link you’re sending them to. Honestly! there’s about four ways I can think of right now on how to create a single page with redirects that has your own domain name. In fact, I’ll post a simple solution this next week. Eventually I want to take more time and go deeper into it with more advanced solutions that I’ve been using with Clickbank products for the past year or so. Another reason why php/mysql is a great thing to pick up. It allows simple solutions to problems like this.

In the meantime it looks like TinyURL is launching its “hey I’m a spammy link trying to sell you something” campaign by allowing this to go on. Not good PR for them at all. With more and more people using TLA its going to catch on fast to not click on TinyURL links. You never really know where you’re going to end up with that site.

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  1. I hate tinyurls. I don’t like not knowing where I’m going. I set up a redirect for my links.

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