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Link love should be easier in WordPress, so here are a few plugins you can install and tweaks you can make to give back to your readers. These plugins/tactics are also being utilized on this site, some of which you can activly make use of. So without further delay, here they are:

Get Recent Comments – A plugin that kills two birds with one stone. Don’t let the title fool you, you can also “Get Recent Trackbacks” as well. As you can see I have it pretty close to the top of every single article page. You can set the plugin to list any number of recent comments/trackbacks and insert it anywhere. The best thing is it shows these two things seperatly. I got this idea from Nate Whitehills site. There are some inspiring reads there and some great new video posts he’s been putting out.

Link Love – This plugin disables the rel=no follow link in commenter’s posts after they have posted X number of times. You can configure this number in the script.

Trackbackers – Is someone repeatedly sending you link love? They should probably be rewarded. You can do that easily with this plugin.

Top Commentators – A great way to show recognition to your regular commenter’s. I enabled link following on mine

If you end up writing a review or comment about this site in your own blog, send a trackback/pingback and notify me via this contact form. Anyone who does this I put on a list. I track their site content along with mine and when the opportunity presents itself I’ll mention your site or one of your posts in a related article.

Chris Bloczynski recently sent me some link love so here it is right back :) . His site is about entrepreneurship. It’s targeted towards business owners and bloggers, with an emphasis on principles such as mentorship, ownership, attitude, and automation.

Apart from the link love I’ve also made a few minor design changes this past week which impacted the way new and old content is being displayed. A plugin that is a part of this update can be found here: Next/Previous Post in Same Category – Just as the title says, it has the benefits of what you see with the Related Posts plugin except its a little lighter on server load since it doesn’t do any searching.

Featured in ProBloggers redesign two weeks ago, he sports a snazzy new top links widget on his front page. The script he is using is DOMTabs however I am also experimenting with a script by NodeTraveller.Com (multiple versions available: Standard Tab, Draggable Tab, Closeable Tab). You can now see our version of it at the top of all pages.

Happy Friday, and enjoy!

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8 Responses to WordPress Link Love – Follow On Plugins And Tweeks

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  2. What do you do if splogs are tracking back to you though? You’d have spam ads at the top of the page? (Sorry, I’m usually a little paranoid!)

  3. Thats what Akismet is for. A lot of the splogs that link to me are caught in that (usually from other people marking them as spam). To prevent it from showing up in the trackback simply do nothing :)

  4. Rob,

    Thanks for these. They take it well beyond just turning off nofollow (which I turned off a while back – just doesnt seem right to punish someone who helps improve my blog by adding their comments).

    Likewise, thanks for the heads up on Chris B. Our readers have a lot in common.

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  6. very intersteing post and some great ideas i will be putting many of these to good use

  7. I didn’t know that you could do the nofollow, and set it to a certain ammount of times, that looks like a great plugin! Thanks

  8. I can’t believe I lost a comment again! I have a habit of fat-fingering my keyboard when I come to your site. Maybe it’s because I’m blown away by the awesomeness. ;-)

    Anyway, what I was going to say was… Have you come across any good plugins that let you overlay an image anywhere on the screen? I’d like to have something that maybe looks like a sticky note and can have announcements. Lots of impact. I don’t like those plugins that just darken out the screen and show a popup. That’s annoying. I also can’t stand the ones that just stick a little box above your first post. Also, I don’t want to blog it as a post because it’s Geo specific and I’m sure the whole community doesn’t care to receive a post about an event in Florida.

    Any thoughts on that? Would I be able to create this based upon your tutorial?


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