Why You Dont Buy Money Making eBooks


I don’t understand why self proclaimed millionaires that sell eBooks don’t have blogs or web communities online. Particularly the ones that go on about marketing tactics. Where’s your proof? Lets see at least two sites you manage right now which makes you your millions! And if not, then why would we ever want to take your advice? Wouldn’t a blog or web community be a great stepping stone to sell their product as well? Where is your authority in the community?

People that already have established businesses like Shoemoney didn’t take the time to compile his knowledge specifically in an eBook because he already is a millionaire and doesn’t need a few eBook sales to contribute to that. Several times he and others have mentioned subscription based sites are a key component in becoming rich online. An eBook is not a subscription and is thus far the only proof that most of these “entrepreneurs” are making any money online.

Its not good enough if someone charging for their eBook at one time had a great business online. If they don’t still have it they might as well had never had it. If you’re really looking to sell something like this online, then stand up and show your credentials – not phony looking testimonies. A lot of eBooks fail to prove why you should buy their product and do what they have outlined in it other then the incentive of “hey it made me money”. Most making profits on the internet offer their guide for free. In case you don’t know who the free ones are, here’s a list where you can download them:

Creating Successful Sites by Jane May @ DialyWebIdeas.Com
Blog Traffic Made Easy by John Robinson @ SiteFever.Com
Make Money Online by John Chow @ JohnChow.Com

Creating an eBook and selling it might as well be monopoly money. And if its just “play” money, why not offer the book for free unless you haven’t quiet gotten your million yet – Especially when a lot of these eBooks are shorter then the books you’ll find in a store and usually twice as much! There aren’t any fees that I know of to distribute eBooks. For example when writing a book you don’t have to hire a publisher. So why are you ripping us off?

Free eBook or not, you’re learning what someone else’s experience to success on the web was. Your time commitment, niche, and opportunities are going to be different thus changing your results. The key is finding an eBook that worked for the majority of people that tried it which doesn’t exist or we’d all be internet millionaires. Taking ideas from many different sources and cookie cutting your own plan makes more sense then following any single source of knowledge. This is how an entrepreneur does it.

At some point you should check out one of these paid eBooks *cough* torrents *cough*. Their content isn’t horrible but it all just looks like they did their research online and put it into one place. Don’t go to lengths to part ways with Mr. Washington in your wallet. You’re not missing out on anything you couldn’t learn from ProBlogger or a Google search. One day down the road I will likely be releasing an eBook (shhhh I didn’t tell you that). And you can bet your ass its going to be free.

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  2. Nice Post.Iam looking forward for your eBook.

  3. I agree to an extent. However, I have nondisclosure agreements with the people I have sold my web sites to so I would get sued if I posted ANY of that information! Right now I am developing affiliate programs for other webmasters, and putting there information on my “internet marketing” web site would be unethical. I know, I know, everyone claims to be a millionaire online, but making that much money online really isn’t that hard if you’re smart! I am not saying that even 10% of these jack ass’s are telling the truth but there are some; like me that are straight up and honest about how much money they have made online and HAVE made millions!

  4. I don’t claim to be a millionaire, but my side does earn about $70k/year. About a year ago, when my site was only about 9 months old i wrote an ebook outlining all the things i did that got my site making $1,000/month after 4 months – I sold about 1,000 copies of that ebook at DP forums @$10 each..
    I am now publishing that ebook for FREE, in my blog, which is also advertising-free.. Maybe you can add it to your list:
    Most newcomers to this game find it helpful or at least inspirational.

    PS- I came to your blog via BlogRush.. i guess it’s working :)

  5. Initially making money online can be hard. It becomes much easier later.

    I feel credibility is a huge issue these days when it comes to ebooks in certain nitches. The people that write these ebooks need to find a way to incorporate more credibility early on in their ebook. Or point us to a rather active site of theirs.

    Mr. Grown up Geek: You likely accomplished this on the DP forums (assuming you had a presence there). Someone could do a search for your name and see your credibility on another site. This is the best method since user comments on another site which you don’t own are seen as unbiased and weigh more. I’ll take a look later and add it. Thanks!

    I’m not sure if anyone has ever seen the ebook put out by The Rich Jerk. He has some great blueprint strategies but somewhat fails to implement them perfectly for himself. Later into that ebook he states his credibility but the sites he points to have all but dried up. Others he points to are simply just place holders now or worse. Free eBook or not, credibility should be kept updated and towards the top (or at least in the index for people to find right away if they’d like to.)

    I’m surprised you found me through BlogRush. Generally it sounded like it hasn’t been working even for the bigger names.

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