Traffic Time Periods: Tracking Niche Seasons


“The internet slows down in the summer”

I keep hearing that from people. I have found exactly the opposite, but its important to remember the niche that I’m seeing this in with a few of the sites I run: Gaming. If you currently run a site that has its peaks in the winter months you may want to try picking out a favorite video game you already play and start a site on it!

Since late May I’ve noticed a steady incline in visitors to http://extreme-gamerz.org/ and http://gamegate2k.com/ (as I do every year).

I do not update these sites for the most part (though I probably should and will once a few other projects are out of the way) so its defiantly not because of any new content. To give you an idea, the difference between season peaks and lows can differentiate by as much has 25% unique visitors a day.

So why the traffic increase when most places claim that they are getting fewer hits? I imagine it has a lot to do with my target audience. All the kids that are out of school (ranging from 10-20) that have spare time during the summer vs during the school year. Another peak increase occurs around Christmas and New Years. No coincidence there? – Its winter break for most schools.

The idea here is to start up two sites and put proper emphesis at running each during key points of the year. Target one site towards older ages and another to younger ages. If you can toggle this effectivly you’ll have great traffic year round which means STEADY income potential long-term.

The best time to add new content to your site:

I like to post the majority of my “new” content one month to 15 days before the peak of my season kicks off for my niche related site. Post new and relevant information to your topic. Generally it takes me about two weeks to see any results in the search engines for something I’ve posted.? I will also continue to post a surplus of new content a good month or so into the season.

Whens Your niches season?

You may have to do some digging.? Look at your competitor sites.? I used to find a very popular free tracker on competing sites that showed me their sites statistics. Pick out their top traffic months and note them down. Watch these trends over multiple sites.? If you’re lucky you’ve already been running a site for a year or two and have a traffic logging program built into your server which you can analyze. If you’re new you may not have generated enough data to really see your niches peak season. It takes time and in case you change servers (or just want a 2nd opinion) you should try downloading a free tracker yourself.

Obviously if you have content to put up don’t let it sit around while you wait for the right part of your season to come around. That would be like stuffing 10,000 under your bed for 6 months so you can get a .05 % higher interest rate for a savings account at the bank next year. Just double your efforts at the right time and you are likely to see some instant gratification in a more then doubling way :)

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