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Video blogging has been proven a successful means of marketing a site in a fresh, and often non-competitive way to enter into a niche. Having the right video software is the difference between continued vloging or falling into a overwhelming trench of lemmings whom only produce text.


As with anything, there is a learning curve on the process and the tools you use to produce a video. However, as you continue to produce videos on a consistent basis you develop an aptitude for it which allows you to streamline the process and obtain more benefits from a reduced amount of work.

That said, here’s my introductory blogging video:

YouTube Preview Image

Video Notes:
Free Video, Audio, and Screen Capture programs to check out.

  • Windows Movie Maker – If you’re using windows, this should already be preinstalled with XP/Vista. Check under Start – Programs.
  • Freez Screen Video Capture – Simple but very effective screen capture utility. Allows you to do a voice over with your video capture. Check out the other products they offer on their site. All free, video & audio converters and a DVD ripper.
  • Jahshaka – Video editor.

Paid Alternative Applications.

  • Video Edit Magic – This is one of the cheapest and most intuitive video editors for beginners. If you have a few bucks its not a bad option to start with if you’re having trouble with the free ones. ($70)
  • Camtasia Studio - Pronounced it wrong in the video. This will capture your screen and provide several more options than Freez Screen Video Capture. ($300)

A lot of these programs offer free tutorials within their own site to help you get started. Don’t miss those or it might take you longer at first.

Blog Video Intro:
My intro was done by a good friend of mine, Todd using LiveType. Visit his blog over at http://movie-tech-lounge.com. If you ask nicely he might do one for you too. Or perhaps you can bribe him with some green ;) .

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