12 Browser Bookmarklets Scripts For Webmasters & Marketers

Bookmarklets are JavaScript based links that you save as bookmarks. When you're on a web page that applies to the use of the code, you can run it by simply going to it in your bookmarks to achieve its desired affect. This helps to automate impossible or tedious tasks through your web browser.


Below you’ll find the bookmarklets that I find most useful as a Web Developer/Online Marketer (for use in FireFox and Internet Explorer). The original source of these come from squarefree.com. They have a ton more there.


Custom work on any website typically involves forms. Anything from the Administrative CMS config kind to collecting visitor information. As a website developer, its nice to have as many helpful shortcuts as you can when dealing with these forms.

  • Form POST To GET – IE/FF – After activated it forces POST forms to submit as a GET. This will typically break the ability to use a form properly but allows you to see what variables are being passed.
  • Toggle Checkboxes – IE/FF – Some forms (particularly CMS like ones) sometimes have a long list of rows with checkboxes next to them all. If there isn’t a “select all” option, you may be clicking for a while. Using this will automatically select all checkboxes on a page.
  • Enlarge Textareas – IE/FF – It can be rather frustrating when a textarea box isn’t big enough for you to type or reread everything you’ve put into it. Use this to give yourself 5 extra rows of text (repeatable).
  • Password Viewer – IE/FF – Shows the contents of password fields. Useful for obtaining a password that you’ve been letting FireFox remember.
  • Remember Password – FF – Some forms tell FireFox not to use the “remember password” feature. This allows you to override that setting and use it anyways.


Different ways to manage links to sort out the type of links there are.

  • Links To Full URL’s – IE/FF – Converts all links on a page to the full URL’s that they link to.
  • Hide Visited – IE/FF – Hide links you’ve already been to. A lot of sites dont use the “a .visited” CSS tag. This will help you sort through what you have and haven’t seen yet.
  • Colorize By Internal/External Links – IE/FF – Colorizes all the links on a page. Internal Links = Red, External Links = Blue, In-Page links = Orange.


  • Topography With Borders – FF -Shows the nesting of div/tables by creating 3d borders around all elements. Great for troubleshooting where you might have missed a closing div.
  • Topography With Colors – IE/FF – Same as above but works in IE and is less likly to break the page because it doesn’t add borders.
  • View Cookies & Remove Cookies – Quickly view and remove cookies for the current site you’re viewing. Great for troubleshooting site functionality.

Social Bookmarking

  • Digg All – Automatically diggs your friends submitted content when on that friends page.

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11 Responses to 12 Browser Bookmarklets Scripts For Webmasters & Marketers

  1. Handy tips there. The digg option sounds like a good way to keep friends :)


  2. Man this is really worth some bookmarking huh Rob! Thanks, your info is gold..

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, you’ve got a lot of great references here to help facilitate web site building. I’ll be bookmarking this page for quick reference that’s for sure!

  4. Don’t use automatic digg scripts. Sooner or later you’ll be banned from digg.

  5. Enlarge Textareas is a lifesaver. There are sites made in a way that does not expect people to post large blocks of text. Reading stuff there can be really annoying.

  6. This is worth bookmarking for future references. Great list, Rob.

  7. Thanks for the strategic tips, hopefully I would try to apply all of these. Surely I’ll bookmark this for my incoming projects. Nice article Rob!

  8. The Form post to get one is interesting Rob.

    I think Live HTTP Headers probably does a better job of this though – just submit the form, then watch the data that is being passed to the server side script.

    As far as the password viewer one – you can just view the source in firefox and most of the time you’ll see the password there! ;-)

  9. Rob, I use this exact password viewer and love it. Keep the great info coming!

  10. listen Rob…what about to publish more images on your blog?(in posts ..i mean)

  11. Password Viewer is a great tool. Coming from opera I was used to the fact that I could check any password I had stored with no problems. Apparently firefox doesn’t give this out that easily.

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