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I recently checked out a company named TNX.Net. They provide a service which allows website publishers and advertisers the ability to buy and sell links on sites. Their mission statement is as follows:

The mission of TNX is to:
-Assist website owners in attracting targeted visitors and clients from search engines and relevant websites.
-Reduce the dependence on search engines.
-Improve quality of the search results for those websites that join TNX system.
-Increase the income of every webmaster who joins TNX system.

The Pro’s (as a publisher):
-They only take 12.5% commission. A lot lower then their competition.
-Lots of payout options including PayPal or check.
-Professional design/layout & friendly people.
-Affiliate system for extra earnings.
-Webmasters can choose their advertisers themselves.
-Advertise on each individual page on your website
-Supports many websites you might run
-Tools for advertisers.
-Special Offers (free links)
-Quick growth (According to alexia).

The Con’s:
-The extent of the service that they offer (at least on the publisher end) feels like overkill when you first login.
-The information you need to enter for the registration process and tools that you use have vague descriptions which left me unsure what to put or how the tool was to be used. (the income calculator for example). I might be picky but I like things to be a little more intuitive.
-Documentation and articles. While not really a con, they could really stand out from the rest by presenting information that underscores their knowledge of search engines and organizing it better. Mainly to help put new users at ease that they wont be at risk for penalizations from Google or other search engines. It seems like a lot of content is spread out on other sites. For example, digitalpoint.com
-Point systems: I’m really not a fan of internal point systems but that’s more of a personal bias. Their system looks to be ok, its just one more thing I have to learn about that doesn’t carry over to anything else.

I’m still managing advertisers links manually, mostly because its direct and easy. However, if TNX.Net is planning on making that worth the commission they take out of my deals AND help me find new advertisers, then I might be on board for a while. Take a look at what has been going on with TNX in the blogosphere and see what others are saying. TNX looks to be a great new service that’s worth a shot. See if you like it by visiting the TNX homepage and registering. Be sure to read the FAQ’s under the “learn more” section for more details I may have missed.

If you’re having trouble getting advertisers directly you may want to put up an “advertising” page and make sure your contact form is up and working. Don’t let opportunities pass you by.

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