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If you’re an AdSense junkie then you were probably a bit scared when Google announced they were disabling the click anywhere functionality of their ads. Let this be a warning to those who are solely relying on them for income. Even though I have other money makers on my sites I still use AdSense in a lot of spots. Yes, I did see a CTR decrease by about 25%, however I am also seeing my eCPM increase a bit. That’s telling me advertisers are paying a lot more for their ads now that clicks are more likely to be legit, thus being worth more. Despite Google’s claims to better their advertising network at the cost of income, they wouldn’t have made that move unless they thought the economy would balance out in the end. For every person that wants (or is) doing the right thing, there’s always the guy concerned about the bottom line.

On the bright side, this change puts a true marketer to the test. When you experiment with ad positioning you will see higher fluctuations of data. This in turn will tell you which ad inventory is worth more and allow you to form better strategies. What I also see this meaning is independent ad sales ultimately going way up. If advertisers get used to spending more for CPC you can easily charge more for your ad spots while still remaining competitive. Google of course made it clear they were not endorsing such activities but there are many options you can provide for advertisers within and outside of Google’s guidelines depending on your approach.

Christmas Click Through RatesIf you’re not getting enough clicks as it is then you’re in luck. Its the holiday season and Google already gave us a present by showing us last years CTR, Conversion Rate and CPA graph shown on the left. As soon as I saw this it meant having a nice little blueprint for some of CPC marketing I’ve been doing. It also provided some encouragement to get working on content. I mentioned this strategy back in July with Traffic Time Periods: Tracking Niche Seasons. Tossing up a few extra posts during the holiday season can leave a lasting impression for many people who are taking time off and have a few extra moments to visit your site.

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  1. I wonder sometimes if AdSense blocks that blend in with content can seem more “realistic” for a new internet user, since the links function nearly the same way as non AdSense links (aside from a lack of URL preview info). It makes sense that things would probably balance out with fewer clicks and higher spending.

    Thanks for the tip about creating more content for the vactioning surfers. That’s a great idea!

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