7 Steps of Time To Make You Rich Online


So much to say and so little internet. Wrong! The internet has no paper limit. What hinders us the most is time. We always have too little of it or too much of it, this depends on the application. A 7 step process that most people neglect to realize because in today’s world we want results immediately. I’ve seen people go through this exact process over the course of a year. What kills me is what people often do at step four. Ironically this allows the people with more of a drive to succeed to actually do so:

  1. Write 100 great pages of content
  2. Spend countless hours optimizing site
  3. Get frustrated with lack of hits
  4. Give up, move on with life
  5. Check back one year later “OMG I’m indexed and linked to”
  6. Slap affiliate links and AdWords on forgotten website
  7. Continue site with more passion and a new passive income.

This is more or less a joke, but in a blunt way, very true for many people who start content websites online and think they can make barrels of cash (not monkeys) in the first few months or even weeks. Seeing results with websites/projects online takes time. The typical person buying those online eBooks about how to make monthly incomes of 4k in one month just doesn’t happen. In effect these kind of eBooks plant false hopes which could be a leading cause for the majority of online income failures. One person might have gotten lucky doing what that eBook described. A few hundred other people may have seen it, tried it, and quit. If its not rhythmically reproducible its pure garbage for anyone to spend time reconstructing the process. If your content is great people will come over time. You will eventually be discovered. Even sites that suck get links and traffic with enough time.

After discussing this with a friend this the other day I realized getting traffic to your website is like dating. No matter your looks or oddities of behavior there is someone out there for you. Do you give up on dating because you didn’t find someone after a week, a month, a year? No. Now people are not exactly like websites or we’d all be polygamist, but the process is still the same. The more time you allow for something to happen the easier it will be to promote new content on that same domain (or in the case of dating, to “deepen” the relationship). Keep in mind, this assumes you learn some SEO tactics and can effectively put them into place. Present yourself well and you can increase your opportunities of getting initial visitors and then pushing them past the front page of your site.

10 years ago before I knew anything about internet marketing this is exactly what happened to me when I first created some websites (Its easy to become frustrated at a young age ;) ). I would argue just about everyone working on their first website had some degree of disappointment because it wasn’t taking off the way they had hoped. Those who are able to tough through it without elongated absences will see a major benefit. Take a look at a graph below:
making money online websites timeline
Person A started a website and gave up after 2 months of content creation. They saw slow growth and virtually zero profits from their content based site. However about a year later the site had slowly taken off at which time it was worth picking up again.
Person B started a website, saw slow growth, but decided they were enjoying themselves enough that it didn’t matter.
In the end since person B stuck it out longer and more importantly, continued to develop content, two years down the road they’re REALLY ahead of the game. They instilled further networking and integrated more pages into their site steadily to gain the long lasting benefits.

Its important to note the possible motives of both of these people. One was in it for the money and wanted some quick cash while the other was really just doing it for fun. You’ll also notice in a lot of graphs, the more traffic and influence you have the easier it is to double it. When you start out this happens on a smaller scale and progresses on a longer time line. The time needed in-between each period of extreme growth shortens as your site grows. So if you can start a website out with a lot of content early on, your earnings through ads and affiliate links are going to be that much higher down the road. Why? Because that content had more time to float around in cyberspace.

If you want more on this topic Yaro wrote a great article about the importance of paying your dues.

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10 Responses to 7 Steps of Time To Make You Rich Online

  1. Rob I couldn’t agree more with this post. I wrote a similar post on the lure of Easy Money. The fact is there is not, but there is no limit to the number of people that tell you there is.

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  3. I just ran across your blog and I have to say I totally agree. When i first started i had some begginers luck and was estactic… then reality set in and everything slowed down. To many people sell and beleive it can be done over night. Unless you use black hat tricks – the reality is that it’s a slow growing pace [ if done right ].

  4. I totally agreed that it takes time to buildup your traffic to your websites and getting profit from it.

    No effort, no gain!

    You have to do it right and be persistence to see good results.

  5. brian

    hie. i’ve just started a website but i want to really understand where the money comes from. is it from the number of visitors of your site or something else? help

  6. Hi Brian,
    I could go into pages of explanation, but long story short: You can earn money from a website by either selling someone else’s product(s) or service(s) on your site and collect a percentage of the profits as commission when one of your visitors buys something through the link you’ve put up on your site. That is probably the biggest chunk of change you can get all at once but is harder to do. Otherwise you can put something like Google Adsense (one of many options). To put ads on your site which you get paid for on a per click basis (CPC) – Other services might do it on a CPM basis (clicks per million). As your visitors increase, the likelihood of both of these things happening increase (provided you’ve put them there and have done at least some things right).

  7. Very good post,i like it, i am also earning money through google adsense, for the last 2 years, i can improve my site performance
    over the years.
    thank u

  8. Hi Rob; I guess that you could call me a newbie at all of this. As you can tell by my web site, and blog name I got caught up in the make money fast sceam of things. I have some great product but at this point I have no visitors to my sites. What would you suggest to be the not only quickest way but also the correct way to get visitor (traffic)?

  9. @Mike Become an expert in something and put out content on a well designed user friendly and functional site. Utilize video and social networking. There is no single answer to this. But in 2 sentences its the best I can do.

  10. Annette Manaclay

    I am just getting ready to set up a site. I want a nich that is relatively rare so the competition is not too great but I am not passionate nor do I know very much about rare niches. Do you have any suggestions? I have gone to adwords to find keywords but I don’t know what to words to put in because I don’t yet have a niche. How do I find out what is rare and in demand?

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