Blogging: The Importance of Post Momentum


Along with post frequency, post momentum is equally as important when getting a blog off the ground. Post momentum is all about grouping extremely high quality postings and stringing them post after post. During this period you try to avoid posts that are short, old news, uninformative, personal, or just plain rambling.

Post momentum is good for:

Gaining new readers – Keeping up a posting momentum means you’re going to be pumping out a lot of great content. Its no surprise that you’ll get a lot of new subscribers for this.
Gaining some buzz in the blogosphere – After you gain new readers, a lot of them will likely be discussing your posts.

Strategies to gain and keep post momentum:

Series Posts – Start a series post. For example: Blog improvement month, Traffic tips Month, Spam Awareness Month. In these series posts you can regulate how many times per week you will post about them. Maybe they will be the only thing you post?
Multiple Part Posts – Keep readers coming back since they will want to read the conclusion to your stories. Split your post in half and leave them with a cliff hanger.
Titles – Catchy post titles are a must. To gain peoples interests in the first place and continue to gain interests.

Tracking the momentum:

A posting momentum is meant to add a “wow” factor when people are continually reading content on your site that you obviously put a lot of time and thought into (more so then normal). Elements of these things which would show signs you’re in a good post moment include:
An increase in page views for recent articles – Each new should have more then the previous one after 24 hours of it being posted.
Increases in feedback – This can be seen by use of the contact form, comments, or even mentions of your article on other blogs (pingbacks/trackbacks).


The difference between high quality posts aren’t necessarily topic based, but rather how they’re written and how the subject is tackled. To start gaining post momentum it might mean you need to write and rewrite and rewrite and rewrite and rewrite (you get the point) your posts. Essentially if you’re looking to go somewhere with your blog you’re going to need a series of posts with momentum behind them. This brings to mind a daunting four letter word some may be afraid of… “work” ;) .

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  1. Great post.. seems like most of us go through the same things when trying to post :)

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