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Promoting your blog through social bookmarking sites can be tricky business. Especially when you don’t know what places are the most important (high trafficked). A further complicating issue lies in the confusion of topic placement for your article. Combine this problem with multiple sites and you have a large todo list on your hands! Heres some strategies we use to get around this.

The Most Popular Social Bookmarking Sites:
Finding the most social, of social bookmarking sites is the easy part. Especially since its already being tracked:

Here are the 30 Largest Social Bookmarking Sites ranked by a combination of Inbound Links, Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, and U.S. traffic data from Compete and Quantcast. Although no traffic metrics are completely accurate we do believe the data below to be useful for gauging relative audience size.”

The Category Selection Problem:
There are way too many of these social bookmarking sites and each have their own unique? category list. If you don’t choose the most appropriate category you could be missing out on relevant traffic. The fix may be as simple as placing your articles in a different (more related) topic. Having the best headline in the world for your content wont help you if it ends up in a poorly related category.

Start an excel, word, or notepad document (god forbid, a piece of paper) and make a quick list. Yes its going to take some effort, but every time you submit your article to a bookmarking site you should give it the best possible chance for it to work for you. By writing it out you’re defining a course of action you can repeat with consistency and more importantly predict outcomes. This can then? be fine tuned for improved future results. – There’s a mad scientist in us all.

Include the following columns on this list:
The name of the social bookmarking site. (duh)
2) Priority – Based on the list shown above on leave an entry area open so you can list a priority order which you can follow later on. (do this last)
3) The main category your content generally fits into. If its diverse list you might want to provide yourself a second or third option as well. Research is an important element in finding your keyword categories. Do a quick search for content similar to yours (sites like Netscape and Digg make this easy as it finds related ones when you submit a new article – Skim through what these other articles were stored under).
4) Create a general 10-15 “tag” list for your niche and include this at the top of your page. Again research to see what the popular tags are on similar articles in your niche. Create another column that allows you to be even more general and include 2-3 tags if the bookmarking site limits you.

This is so simple and can significantly speed up this kind of promotion technique. A lot of friends and fellow bloggers I know used to be somewhat disorganized when it came to this. I suggested this to a few of them and they confirmed its usefulness. Traffic increased! I’m glad it helped! I can feel the love…but please loosen up on the bear? hugs.

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  3. Very nice post. Hopefully, can make the list in the near future.

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  7. I STILL haven’t gotten into the whole social media thing. I know it is useful and can bring a lot of visitors — shoot I have gotten stumbled — but it still seems a like a lot of time involved.

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    Be the man, stop working for him.

  8. time/work yep! Its a lot of dedication at first but after you get rolling it will kind of be done for you by your visitors.

  9. Sounds like an awful lot of work to me. How do you ever really know it is working?

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