Self Employment By Making Money Online – Scam or American Dream?

Is making money online a scam or is it really possible? Why does it get such a bad reputation?


Scam or American Dream? Both, and here’s why. Most “Scams” suggest you can make money online with little or no work. At the same time they also say you can “get rich quick” and see results within the first month. Bill Gates didn’t see results the first month! Why on earth do you think you will?

Workaholics And Making It Look Easy

Many see entrepreneurs in two different lights, and make equally different comments depending on where they are in life:

Thought 1: “Wow that guy is a workaholic, chooses to be, and doesn’t have much more to say for himself then I do.”
Thought 2: “Why do I have to work 8 hour days and that guy can work 4 hours a day, from home, and make double my salary.”

The person being thought of first is making a “push” to do something about their situation in life.

The person being thought of second has already accomplished success and simply maintains their success causing a much more relaxed persona to radiate from them.

Most people don’t put those two together or simply wont go to the effort to make a “push” themselves. Of course if you are a true entrepreneur you never fall into the second scenario! You are always doing more because you are interested, passionate, and never find a lack of things to feel that way about.

Success = Hard Work

I was reading The Secrets of Success Over at CareerRamblings.Com and they hit the nail on the head in a similar blog. However I noticed in the comments someone had this posted in response:

“I disagree that “success = hard work”. That is total BS. If it’s a formula, then it has to work both ways… does “hard work = success”? I don’t think so. Look at the people in third world countries… they work more than 12 hours a day and they can hardly afford to put a grain of rice in their mouth.

What the heck is success anyways? Money? Happiness? Or simply achieving your dream? There are many other ways to achieve “success”, regardless of whatever your definition of success is. The saying success is achieved through hard work is a fairy tale… the only “secret” to success is getting lucky.

We are all just bunch of squirrels looking for a nut and if you get lucky you’ll find it.”

Good point, but hard work definitely increases the likely hood of finding that nut. Jane made a point that you must intelligently challenge yourself and this comment clearly negated that. If you put your hard work into the wrong thing(s) it obviously won’t pay off. Unfortunately some people are born into bad situations and don’t have some of the opportunities others might. Even then, maybe it will just take them a bit longer to accomplish the same thing another person would do.

However, I see people that are unsatisfied and yet do nothing to push themselves and change it when they have a chance to. If you are in a situation you don’t like then its up to you to change it. On the flip side, the ones that are “happy” with things tend to take life with a grain of salt and find pleasure from the simpler things in life. (these people are few and far between)

A Push

Making self employment or a part-time income opportunity work involves that “push”, and that IS hard work. It might also mean not going to the bar every weekend, visiting friends far away on a regular basis, or spending your extra time to play a video game. Most aren’t willing to part with things like this for a period of time while getting on their feet in a new & better financial situation. That said, I strongly agree with this statement by Gregs post on sbishere.com

“Business is hard work. You work hard, make some headway start to feel like you are starting to figure it out, and go to bed. You wake up in the morning and are greeted by more, work.”

Time and dedication - this is what most successful self employed entrepreneurs have put forward in their push. Its inherently obvious that its something they really wanted and it comes back to them in the end. That’s why some will find unfairness when looking at their success. “Why do they only work 4 hour days and I’m still stuck in a 9-5 job”? Because at one point, they were working 16 hour days.

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5 Responses to Self Employment By Making Money Online – Scam or American Dream?

  1. You have a good point here.

    Hard work invested in the wrong activity can’t bring the results you expect. The problem is that most people never heard of the Pareto principle and other similar ones, and they invest so much time and energy in the wrong activities (maybe not the wrong, but definately “not so good”).

    Good post, congratulations!

  2. I like what you wrote as well. Titus, I am in full agreement with you also. The dude who was trying to argue the point was probably jealous on the inside.

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  4. I haven’t tested that myself but my guess would be you wouldn’t get penalized for the same content in a different language. I’ll be posting about a script sometime in the near future that allows you to automate multiple languages on a customized site which might be of use…not sure how much it would help a blogger account though. Either way, why would Google penalize you for offering support in multiple languages? Sounds somewhat counter productive for them.

    A bit of research into the subject has turned up several resources saying that Google does not penalize for this.

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