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This is one of those low hanging fruit deals that if you took the extra minute it could mean some major benefits down the road. As you might have guessed that means creating search phrases for a new and upcoming site that can be chopped into smaller phrases for targeting as your page rank and popularity rises.

Instead of grabbing a search phrase that seems like a good deal right now, analyze each word or combination of words within your target keyword. Just because a larger phrase has a decent search volume right now doesn’t mean that another phrase with an equal (or close) volume will have better results in the long run. Particularly when Google finds you popular enough to break down those keywords in the long run. If you’re not yet familure with Google Trends then you might want to take a look back at Niche Foresight – Researching With Google Trends And Adwords.

Since one of the sites I’m working on is a game site I’ll use that as an example. The following scores I’m giving will represent search volume and are completely fictitious. I just want to illustrate the point. I’m also not targeting this keyword on the new site – nice try ;) .

Keyword: “Internet Video Game Hacks”: 4,543
“Internet”: 2,877,723 “Video”: 788,312 “Game”: 921,932
“Hacks”: 523,321 “Video Game”: 89,332 “Game Hacks”: 65,562

Optional Replacement Keywords: (assuming you found these were better VIA Google Trends).
“Online”: 4,214,743 instead of “Internet”: 2,877,723
“Cheats”: 70,182 instead of “Game Hacks”: 65,562

New Keyword: “Online Video Game Cheats”: 4,201

After taking a look at the initial search volume of the both 4 word phrases the generally assumption would be to use the first one with 4,543 searches. However, since the search terms within the new phrase outweigh the popularity of the first phrase, I would settle for “Online Video Game Cheats” as being my winner. Its a trade off, and often an easy one to make since most four word phrases wont even show up in Google Trends. But, now your site will automatically gain popularity through the best possible keywords that you chose sequentially. Actually, as you gain popularity, you’ll more then likely be getting hits separately for each of the smaller phrases or individual word.

In conclusion, that low hanging fruit really comes down to having a plan and strategy. Take the more popular phrases and link them together in new and creative ways. My favorite place to put them are in article and page titles. Good Luck!

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  1. This idea goes both ways. The problem is that the term you are relying most on can be a very competitive term. It’s important to look at the subterms within a keyword, but not to lose sight if they are overly competitive.

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