RobMalon 3.0 Launches

Welcome to RobMalon 3.0! The primary differences are with the design, SEO and information architecture.


Development Causes Posting Delays

I’ve been busy with other projects for the past few months and then had the idea to do another redesign of this blog. Among other reasons, I held back new posts because I felt new content would be that much more meaningful on a new landscape.

Lots of New Content Coming

Being busy on other project has it’s upsides. Its one of the best ways to come up with creative posts. And by that I mean having technical issues and solving them (because I’m sure others ran into these too) makes for great content. Almost everyday I’m writing a few paragraphs worth of an idea and throwing it into the “Blog” bin to expand on later.

Development & Upcoming Functionality

Design wise, a lot got overhauled. The things that didn’t (Like category listings) have more sorting options and meta data being integrated with them soon. Believe it or not I almost redesigned the site in Drupal. I probably spend more time doing Drupal development these days than WordPress development.

I still might switch someday since I’m finding I have to twist WordPress more and more to be something its not. Particularly with the way I want to present Menus/navigation and user role management in conjunction with functionality permissions. (WordPress backed) Also has a unique menu system, dynamic to each page. Again, stretching wordpress past what it was really meant to be.

My primary goal here was information architecture which would allow for better organization and flow of old content. My ongoing gripe about WordPress is that the archive mentality that it has is simply not enough in presenting a way for users to easily dig into older content. I feel like this IA update fixes a lot of that, after which it turned into more of a design and SEO update than I hoped.

While there is still a bit of work left to do, I often fall into the habit of holding back a site till I’m completely done with all potential functionality. Then I realized I’m never really done. So here’s to breaking that habit!

RobMalon.Com Before & After

Let me know what you think! Here is the old site for comparison:

Robmalon.Com 2.0 Front Page

Robmalon.Com 2.0 Front Page

Robmalon.Com 2.0 Post

Robmalon.Com 2.0 Post

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