Rare VS General Niches And How It Drives Your Site


Your posting frequency is often determined by the kind of niche a website is created in and how general or rare your topic is. The following outlines the habits in each and will also help you determine what kind of site you want to tailor your efforts to.

Rare & Detailed Niche’s

Are you posting about a rare topic? Is your audience limited? People that create sites like this are typically experts in their field. Each piece of content they put up shines.

  • Sites like this tend to best with a post frequency of about two per week.
  • Post highly accurate and researched content.
  • Creating well thought out posts will generally take two hours or more depending on research and current knowledge.
  • You will probably always be learning more about your topic and inventing things yourself. A lot of your posts will probably be your own experiments that no one else has done before
  • Making money in very defined niches is profitable but not in the banner AdSense sort of way – These types of sites are great to pair with your own services or very specific niche affiliate deals. After all, your website is probably groundbreaking. Posts are proof of your expertise and you can probably offer services since you’re proving your expertise in each article.
  • Make yourself easily reachable. One of your biggest goals in being such a defined niche is to develop a very close community to your readers. When people think of topic XYZ your name should be one of the first things on their mind.
  • Prepare to do some branding – An obvious continuation of the last point.
  • Integrate a forum and encourage intelligent discussion! Especially if you’re branding yourself. The popular blogging platform, WordPress are also the makers of a forum script called BBPress.

General Niches

The site that’s been done (and possibly overdone) – Regular content posting or blogging in a saturated niche is going to be very competitive. Especially if you’re just starting out. Other sites will have 500+ pages of content over two years hanging over your head. This is a different breed of bull.

  • Post frequently. The more general the niche, the more competitive it is. You need to stay ahead of the game.
  • Make sure you’re dedicated to the topic or you’ll never be able to hold down the post frequency needed.
  • Before you start, write a few posts before you even get the site up. This confirms your dedication and relives stress while you’re starting up.
  • Be an expert in the field – If you enter a highly competitive niche where you have to post a lot, but you’re learning as you post, be prepared for a slow ride.
  • Don’t post the same old junk – Try to avoid reposting what the competition does. If you do, always make sure you add several extra points to make your content more valuable than there’s.
  • At the beginning, don’t spend an excessive amount of time on each post you write.
  • Cater to beginners – Not only are these easy posts to write, but you’ll have the widest range of attention in any niche because the majority of people out there are beginners. This will help grow your user base quicker.

Other Variables

These are not the only types of variables you’ll want to choose your website niche, or posting frequency on but its a start. Also make sure you’re asking yourself the following as it will help you outline additional variables about the websites you’ll be creating or that you already run:

  • What is the average length of posts?
  • Is the site a News site or a Tutorial/eLearning website?
  • Are you new to the field you’ll be talking about or already an expert?
  • How much traffic are you currently receiving on your site?
  • How much research do you want to spend on each post?
  • Quality of posts – Are you providing something valuable? This someone coincides with the quality of your posts.
  • The time you have to devote to your website overall
  • Do you have a fluctuating schedule from month to month? Use time released post to average out posting frequency so you don’t appear to be overactive one month and less active another month.

All these help to determine what you’ll be setting your post frequency at and the type of website you’ll be molding yours into. Being aware of these variables and defining them for yourself early on will improve the chances of success down the road.

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4 Responses to Rare VS General Niches And How It Drives Your Site

  1. A good point you made by “Make yourself easily reachable. One of your biggest goals in being such a defined niche is to develop a very close community to your readers. When people think of topic XYZ your name should be one of the first things on their mind.”

    I think a thing that helps me out with my website/youtube, and live stream is twitter. This gives my community a chance to directly message me on ideas that I post or a conversation that I am having with other twitters.

    Also, another great thing that I have done is setup an irc chat channel as well and giving them the chance to talk and ask question to me whenever they can, and a plus is it’s live. Most of the time it will end up being a longer conversation then it was meant to be!

    Great Post!

  2. I have a blog in a very rare niche, most people, around 80%, who search for it are looking to buy.

  3. Hi Danny,
    I went to your site but didn’t see any services. What are people buying? We appear to be in the same niche. What kind of analytics are you using to come up with 80%?

  4. No it’s not that blog Rob :P That’s more a fun blog not a money maker.The one I refer to was a very specific niche.

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