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I’ve read so many books and eBooks on affiliate marketing that just said “automate” with little explanation other then to come up with a standard template and reuse it. How frustrating!

If I didn’t already use PHP and mySQL I would be pretty upset that none of them ever mentioned it for one of these purposes and would have LONG given up on making money online. You don’t have to know these things to be successful – But you are missing out on A LOT of opportunities and time savers if you’re avoiding it completely. One of my goals here is to expose this side of affiliate marketing. Here is what I current use PHP and mySQL for (I’ll be going into more detail about mini projects to help you out in later posts).

  • Site logging – Most of you who use something like clickbank.com are probably just using the affiliate link they give you. And yes, you can download an excel sheet of all the information, but I felt it was missing some things. PHP with a mySQL database came to the rescue and has helped me usefully tweak sites to optimum performance.  How? By silently logging more information and allowing me to make more detailed reports about my traffic clicking on the links where I’m trying to sell something.
  • Large-scale Automation – For all the eBooks I read about making money with adsense – a lot of the sites were tactical based. For example: paying for low adwords clicks and putting up a site with highly targeted keywords which cost the buyer a lot (this wont work anymore due to some updates with google and is a very “black hat” form of making money online). These were usually part of a get rich quick scheme that were doomed in the first place. But with some coding and a little extra effort you could have automated something like this on a large scale basis with PHP and a database. (you wouldn’t necessarily have to rely on google for your only profits either!)
  • Tools – I’ve made some very simplistic automation tools which I will be releasing to the public in future weeks/months (you’ll hear about them here when they are). I’m rather shocked someone hadnt already came up with the idea for some of them. Even if it is a simple utility, you’re going to get a surplus of new traffic for it depending on its usefulness. You can then take advantage of the user being on your site in so many ways! If you want to make money on the internet wouldnt it be wise to learn its tools of trade to offer freebies which promote your business?
  • Easy Inclusion -Did you realize most sites even by newer users are put up and edited 10 times faster by using one single PHP command. INCLUDES. There is something like it in every language. You can use a template to include your main content into. Assuming you have 100 or even 1000 pages of content you’re maintaining, adding a link or changing the template only has to be done on one page!
  • Enhance – Do you run a blog or any other scripts on your site? What if adding three lines of code increased profits by 200% simply because the page functioned better or added a new feature. Understanding the way a function works could mean the difference of being able to make your site Search Engine Optimized without having to pay costly bills to programmers.

Pick a code and stick with it. I would highly suggest PHP because its open source and there’s a lot of free support for it. However if you plan to be working for someone else the rest of your life you may want to go the route and pick up some ASP as most large scale businesses use it. I will be covering PHP/mySQL on this blog but the same ideas can be created with a script in ASP. This will allow you to see a much larger picture and give you many more useful ideas when you have learned a coding language.

I took a few minutes and eventally found the original link on Web Monkey that first taught me php/mysql way back when. I hope you find it as eye opening and useful as I did.

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