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Do you have foresight to start up the next great niche site? Stuck on where to get started? That’s ok, all you need is a list of things you love doing and then plug them into Google Trends or AdWords. Then move forward with the topic that you see has gaining success. If you can market the site, its a true case of “build it, and they will come”.

Google Trends allows you to search Googles database for popular keywords or products and find out how feasible starting a site in that niche might be.

  • First it helps you narrow down your niche topics.
  • Then it allows you to find the most common searched terms within a niche. This helps you to choose keywords for your articles, titles, and promotional link baits.

Here’s an example of how I recently used the tool. Simply enter in your keywords (comma separated). I used mmorpg, SEO, and AdSense to determine what type of site to start on next. Its quiet evident a gaming site would be the best choice because I’d have a larger pool of visitors to appease. Keep in mind, while a mmorpg site has more traffic potential, it might be an uphill battle as there are probably more sites to compete with on the way to the top.

mmorpg seo adsense google trends

Another search example but this time with products: Ringtones and Beanie Babies. Beanie Babies used to be a huge hit, and its steadily in a downward trend. This hold true with another piece of data Google trends provides (News References) in the bottom graph.

ringtones beanie babies google trends

Google seems to be intentionally lacking information on exact statistics with Google Trends. To get around this you’ll want to review your Google Analytics stats for a niche you already own or have access to. Analyze a keyword that you already rank highly for and note the traffic you get for that term. Its not an exact science, but if you know how many hits you’re getting for being #1 (or even on the first page of results) in Google with Term X, you can correlate that to Term Y when you compare them in Google Trends.

You can also use Google AdWords to do some research:

  • If you’re stuck coming up with alternative keywords because yours don’t appear to be the “hot” keyword in that niche, then log into an AdWords account and find similar keywords people are using there.
  • When you’re searching for keywords you can also utilize their search volume and advertiser competition rating as another source of key research.

Product/Sales Websites
Keep in mind, a higher Advertiser Competition can be both good and bad. If its high (with a low search volume) then that keyword probably converts well and gives great ROI. If you’re planning to run a site that sells a product or service, pay attention to this. In the picture below, the keyword “mmorpg” is the best example of this. If you’re actually paying for CPC you might want to try other options however ;) .
Content Websites
If the site has a lower Advertiser Competition and a high search volume (these are the ones that would theoretically cost less when paying CPC), then you probably found a great niche or article title or keyword with less competition. Its likely that the lack of competition here will also be seen when trying to rank in Google for these terms. This kind of keyword would be geared more for a content based site. “download mmorpg” is the best example of this from the results below.

google adwords advertiser competition and search volume

To get to this tool, login to AdWords and click on “Tools” under the Campaign Management Tab in AdWords. In here you will find the Keyword Tool as shown below.

google adwords keyword suggestion tool

TIP: You may want to play with the show/hide columns for additional leverage during your research.

Your results may vary since AdWords is based on people doing CPC. Something you may want to consider if you can when first starting a site. If you’re cheep you can just as easily get the same result by submitting your articles to social bookmarking sites.

Overture Keyword Tool
This used to be the golden egg before Yahoo took it over and made some changes. Ever since there have been many spin-offs. My favorite for a long time has been this keyword selector tool.

Start Brainstorming
When you get ideas, make sure you’re choosing the most profitable idea that has a market opening up for it. You’ll strike gold if there are few sites in that niche and the search volume shows a rising trend. Also if your niche is region based, you might want to apply the proper filters when using these tools.

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  2. Hi Bob, great use of Google Trends there. I personally use it myself as well. Hmm, so you planning to start a MMORPG related site any time soon?

  3. Its Rob ;) . And yes, I’m currently developing a mmorpg site right now. One of a few projects which is definitely cutting into my blogging time.

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  5. Google Trends seems to be really getting popular. I’ve never used it but it offers great insight into the growing popularity of different topics.

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