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Lets face it, most people who make a lot of money online do so because they earn small amounts in multiple ventures for a much larger combined earning. With a few smart decisions they also maintain and grow many aspects of income on their site(s). Successful online marketers and investors don’t put all their eggs in one basket. Sometimes two or more sites can be used to pull off three money making ventures where they would otherwise only gain one revenue type from each. Here’s a template of some of the things I’ve done to increase revenue potential in the past.

Example 1: This site sells an online service and thrives on member subscriptions for profit. The site revolves around a specific niche.
Improvement: Offer 1/3rd of that content up front and ask for the member to sign up to view more. Place relevant content ads on these pages and monetize your outbound traffic.
Notes: At first glance its easy to assume you’re losing business by offering up a related content ads which could even be your competition (note you can exclude sites in your AdSense control panel). If your service is unique then you’re not losing out at all. By offering a link in which you get paid for you’re simply controlling your exit traffic and making revenue from it. Its also more then likely the user will click on these ads and say “NO, that’s not what I want” and come back to your site. Just make sure you include a bit of a sales marketing pitch along with that snippet of enticing content to seal the deal. If they were going to leave your site anyways, at least you made the most of it.

Example 2: This site is selling products in a related niche on their site. (typical)
Improvement: Create a 2nd site with expert content on that niche. Include reviews, articles, and technical advice. You could even start a blog to do this. Seamlessly include mentions of your product in many of the articles. If you have a large inventory in a database you could easily run multiple queries on that server to pull your top selling products and tuck it into your main sidebar on the content site. The sample I have below are quick feature you can add as widgets in your site if you already run a database of content or are starting one. This will theoretically show your recent posts and your most popular pages.

  1. <?php
  2. //{$limit} plugs in a $limit variable found somewhere else in the script. You can even put it in a "config" file.
  5. $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM table ORDER BY date DESC LIMIT {$limit}",$db);
  6. $result2 = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM table WHERE category='hits' ORDER BY DESC LIMIT {$limit}",$db);
  8. //Change to $result2 for a top "hits" count
  9. while ($table = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
  10. echo $table['tablecolumn'];
  11. }

Over time you will generate new traffic through the search engine and be able to further promote and extend that traffic to your sales site.
Notes: Don’t rave about every item you have on your first site. Even if you are not posting about something you’re selling (but still relates to your niche) post a negative article in a formal manner. You want visitors to think you have an unbiased opinion. Hell I’d bash my own products, especially if I can compare it to a newer version or series of that product which cost a bit more and no longer contains the flaws in the old product ;) . If you dont give them something bad and counter it with a positive, some will be inclined to seek out a negative. the 30 minutes it takes to write up a good article could be sending you profits on even a monthly basis and you’d still be making headway!

Example 3: A site is using only one or two ad spots with no default ad on their site to make money when pickings are slim.
Improvement: Ads – If a single ad agency has been monopolizing your pages then it might be a good idea to start testing out others to find out which one you earn the most income on (or eCPM). You also have the ability with most advertisers to display a default banner. After you test a few different ad companies, use the one that comes in 2nd place for this. Be aware of their TOS however since displaying some ads on the same page as another ad company may get you banned. Here are some ad types and banner formats you can consider to fill your site with. I would recommend using up to 3 banners, inline text ads and a couple links. (I’ll probably post a guide on this in a future post)
Banners: Ad Location Options: Top Banners, Bottom Banners, Content Banners, Skylines, Inline Text Ads, Text links.

There is an ideal spot for each type of ad company to make sure you’re earning the most you can for that spot. If you’re going to use AdSense as your main advertising revenue you should read the article I posted on how Multipule AdSense Banners Could Cost You Money. This will help you optimize your ad earnings for a content page when using AdSense as your main revenue.

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