MMORPGExposed.Com Launched


In case anyone was curious about my on and off absence, you’ll now understand why. Projects like this one: MMORPGExposed.Com.

It has a lot back end code I’m still working on. Things that are there for the most part but you cant see yet. Including a content submission area with a built in versioning system.

If its worth doing, its worth overdoing…
Everything is being done from the ground up. I wanted to create something that would:

  1. Be reusable in the future on other sites I’m working on. Thus growing its features across all sites.
  2. Provide features in a specific way that would allow flexibility for combined features not commonly seen on other sites.
  3. Be more efficient than other content management systems. A CMS like Drupal or WordPress is great, but they run more queries to accomplish a simple task then its worth sometimes. I think I was finding I just didn’t use all the features already built in and always wanted more. They’re still great applications, it just depends what you’re using it for.

Combine this with all the other sites I upkeep and you’ll have a better idea why I’m not able to regularly blog as often as I’d like. Its also been a big time suck to build onto admin functionalities and make features that will only ever be available to me for the next several months. I also like to challenge myself with new techniques and technologies. Some of the research I’ve done takes a lot of time, but what I’ve learned has been priceless. I was really pushing to get this site live ASAP even though it is far from what my final scope of it will be. Why?

  1. In the past, releasing sites ASAP with minimal content helped the site to grow at an accelerated rate at a later time.
  2. Data collection. Some of the features I’m working on right now require some data generation before I can go any further with them at this point. Spending a few days making up the data seemed foolish.
  3. If I didn’t release it now, I wouldn’t be blogging as much because I’d still be putting more time into it than other new projects.

Heres some good news though… Some of the features I’m coding on the site are the ones that I’ve been talking about or releasing some code from it here and will continue to pass those ideas into this blog.

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  1. It’s a cool site you were working on. Its easy to see why you were so busy, working on those sites and all. Its good to work on other projects too, keeps things fresh for you.


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