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I used to be greedy, (ok I’m still kind of greedy) which in recent years has done a complete 180 in terms of knowledge I’m willing to share. In fact, if it didn’t, I wouldn’t have started this site. I’m talking about hording information, tips, strategies, tactics ect. so that its more likely YOU benefit rather then others around you.
Applied to Affiliate Marking, Business, and Content? Websites here’s the way I see it:

  1. Those that come to your website need an incentive. Its unlikely they will stay very long if you don’t have anything fresh for them to nibble on. No one likes stale cookies (*crunch-crunch-crunch*). If you have something unique to give, stand up and be recognized!
  2. There are around 6.6 billion people on this planet. If no one has thought of your ideas yet then its likely to happen soon. Unless you have the cure for cancer (in which case, just share it with me ;) ). The point is, if the information cant be found on your site it will be found on another site. More time, energy, and creditability will all be given to your competition.

Show Off

If you’re not showing off to improve your sales or hits then you’re likely relying on one of two things.

  • The visitor is not skilled with Google and the only thing they can think to type into the search puts you in the top 10 results.
  • The visitor is too unmotivated to look further and decided your site was the last site he/she would look at that day.

When you’re done laughing you will probably begin to realize the large loss in potential if a visitor hits one page in a site and then leaves. With today’s online information its imperative to do two things.

1) Provide something unique and creative.
A lot of the worlds ideas are really just a compellation of several other ideas. The strategy is combining as many as you can in such a way to make something more complex and astounding. Idea(Idea+Idea+Idea) = New Unique Idea
2) Do it better then anyone has done it.
Chances are whatever you’re creating online has already been done before in some way. If you do find something that’s been done a million times before it doesn’t mean you cant do anything within that niche. Look at your competition. Is their site search engine optimized? Are they not targeting high traffic key terms in the search engines? Is their sales pitch and content not targeting their full potential target audience? Maybe their prices are too high? Or they’re not offering a bonus which you can? The list is endless. Spot these things out and write down how you’re going to succeed where others failed. Not only will you jump ahead of the competition, but they just saved you some time by providing you with some obvious trial and error.

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