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A good number of you that read this blog are still in school. Well for once that is a major perk! If you’ve ever done research into pagerank you probably stumbled across the fact that EDU and GOV links carry extra weight in the search engines. So here’s an easy way to get one if you are in college, or high school and have web space on your schools server (as many people do – particularly if you’re taking web design related courses) ;) .

Even if you’re not in any web courses, many universities are handing out 10mbs of web space with email these days. Take advantage of the free backlinks you could be giving yourself from an EDU source! Better yet, if you’ve switched schools once or twice make use of them all! I graduated almost a year ago from college, thankfully my school didn’t revoke my email or web space. So even if its been a while, you may be pleasantly surprised that student workers are lazy and upper management is too old to know how to use a computer.

To take things a step further I bet you have friends in the same degree as you right? If you’ve networked at all you can probably find a small group of friends to do this with: Create a master list that contains all your links and your friends links and post it to their accounts along with theirs to your own. This works best if your friends are friends from high school that now go to another school. That way you can make the most from multiple EDU links.

I would highly advise you to post some quality content when you do this however. Post a case study you have done with your work or career. If you treat the precious space like a social media site you will be sadly disappointed. Especially if you end up getting penalized for it in the long run.

My suggestion to legitimize the process would be to create a separate page for each of your sites. Go into detail about what you do and experiments, activities or training you’ve done. Part with some knowledge that will in fact help someone. Set up a small biography and provide a detailed history of your work efforts, knowledge, and education. Not only will you be sending yourself a nice chunk of quality pagerank, but you might also get some quality traffic that sticks around.

Plus your school will love you because they might think you actually learned something from them. Also remember to promote the page a bit. Check out Social Bookmarking 101 – Increase Traffic Decrease Effort for more on that. Also a reciprocal link from one of your own sites that Google spiders is a great idea.

Thinking all of this is too much work? Then you’re missing the point of some great traffic and easy PR. This is the easy stuff people pass up because they think making money online should be easy. Of course its easy…after its done. Then all you have to do is watch! Also include some kind of tracking to measure your progress.

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