Link Baiting Within Your Website – Part 2


To expand on my previous blog about Decreasing Bounce Rates And Increasing Subscribers/Visit Length (hint hint nudge nudge) I wanted to bring up a strategy that related to an experiment Darren at ProBlogger did yesterday. His discovery should be added to that list as a strategy with a slight twist. In a nutshell, he ran a contest to find the most popular page on his site and then posted his RSS feed to increase new subscribers when hitting that landing page. The same strategy applies when link baiting your own site. I also kind of touched on this in the Fast Track To Fame: Blogging Big Blogging Double post last week. Once you have potentially popular posts or existing popular posts, go back and fill the content the best you can with related stories on your blog.

Find the most popular page!
Darren explained he had a contest to help him find his most popular Google indexed pages, but really all you need is a metrics package like Google Analytics – and that’s free! Analytics has a section which allows you to view your ranked popular pages. You can also view search terms people have used to find your site. It goes without saying, if a particular keyword has sent a lot of traffic to your site, do that search yourself and find out the page in your site it brings up. If you’ve been running Google Analytics for a long time (maybe a year). You might have altered results if you’re constantly adding content. Obviously older content will have the advantage since its been hanging around longer. To prevent this, limit your date range from 4 weeks ago till 1 week ago. Setting your end date to 1 or 2 weeks ago will filter out any “lucky” popularity of posts that JUST went up as the traffic to most of these will die down in the long run (especially once its off the front page of your blog).

Since posting the self link baiting strategies I’ve had a couple emails and complaints that linkbaiting existing articles is too tedious of a project when you have 500+ posts. Lets simplify things then, yeah? Your website or blog has categories right? The articles in each of your categories should relate to each other, and 500 spread over maybe 15 categories…well, you do the math. Life easier for ya? ;) Open up a category and read/compare those stories first. Sometimes, that will be all you need, but with any luck you’ll also find other related articles into other categories as you go.

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