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One of the main reasons I click off a website’s homepage is because the service or information the site has behind it is unclear. I cant help but think how many other people do the same. If your site is informative, a service, or whatever. State your purpose on your homepage. Don’t rely on the fact that your 3 or 5 most recent articles are going to speak for themselves. The solution to improve upon this is simple.

I just added this text to my front page to improve the understanding of what my site is about to new visitors

About This Site:
Who? Rob Malon is an entrepreneur running multiple websites to make money online.
How? Automating websites for passive income by usage of online tools, & PHP/mySQL applications.
Why? To share and brainstorm ideas and tactics with the community to allow others to do the same.

  • Automate & Increase Traffic/Hits/Sales/eCommerce.
  • Reduce Time On Daily Routine From Spam & Other Tedious Chores.
  • Increasing Overall Efficiency Of Running A Website & Automate Your Goals.
  • HowTo Create & Monetize Websites While Utilizing Free New Tools & Tactics

Consider what your first day was like when you started learning about the niche you started a website from. Sometimes it starts with a trip to wikipedia or websters before you take full interest in a subject you previously didn’t know much about. Factor in some time and experience with any subject, and you can be quick to throw around terminology on your front page which new users might not understand.

Unless you are ok with your bounce rate increasing, do not make your visitors research what your site is about.

Information Sites
If your site is informational, users should be using your site as a tool instead of using another tool to understand what your site provides. If they don’t know about the subject to begin with, this text will help intrigue them and they’ll hopefully keep moving through the site. If not, you would have lost them anyways!

Service Based & Sales Sites
If you’re running a hot/unique new service and someone comes to their page without already being able to compare it to another competing service, then that user probably knows nothing about what that webpage is talking about. Putting your plans and prices on the front page is great, but no one is going to buy anything if they don’t know what the purpose of the service is in the first place. You can only hope that the visitor just came from a referring site that had a nice and explanatory review of your websites services.

If you’ve explored the make money online niche to any degree I’m sure you’ve seen those flashy product pages that seem to be pages long. Marketers keep using them because they work. They’re easy for visitors to skim though, and when done right you can get the readers attention easily and effectively. That is essentially one long “About This Website” blurb crammed into a giant about page with a “Buy Now” button at the end.

Why Use About Text?

  • Neatly organized blurb like this on your front page also increases the amount of relevant keywords in your web copy.
  • Have you ever seen a commercial on TV and just not gotten what exactly is being advertised? One of the biggest reasons why some businesses are failing to convert natural and organic search engine referrals to sales is because the user doesn’t know what the service is for in the first place. Websites are not limited commercial length!
  • Putting an about blurb shows that your site has purpose. Think of all the spammy feed, cookie cutter sites out there just trying to regurgitate info while slapping some AdSense ads on them. Putting the extra effort in posting an “About This Site” section shows that you put some thought into it! Consciously or unconsciously, a visitor is going to find more of a excuse to put a time investment in a well defined site that peaks their interest.

HowTo Organize Your “About This Website” Blurb

  • Bullet Points make it easier to understand and quicker to read. More visitors will glance over something like that than a 5 or 6 sentence paragraph.
  • Short and to the point. Its your front page. You want to provide something that flows and is unobtrusive to the rest of the page while not wasting too much of your visitors time. Rewrite and check over your text a few times. Continually make it more efficient. I would even argue that mine is too long!
  • If you find you can sum up your site effectively in a single sentence, include an additional sentence that states a comma delimited of your top categories and consider linking to those sections categories as well.
  • Headline it. If you don’t include text like “About This Website” and make it noticeable, it might as well not be there at all. You can change the heading name, but avoid putting “Welcome … text text text” as its not as clear to the visitors that you’ll be explaining what the site is about.

Tag Clouds
Another way to help a user know what your site is about is to include a tag cloud. You can see the one I use on the top of my front page and towards the bottom of any other page. The words that are larger and darker stand out more. This makes it more apparent of my main topics that I frequently talk about on this site.

To get a tag cloud on your site, install the Simple Tags PlugIn. It has several other benefits as well:

  • Meta keywords generate from tags in your header’s blog
  • Technorati, Flickr and Delicious tags
  • Dynamic Tag Clouds with colors with Widgets (random order, etc)
  • Related content since common tags
  • Possibility to add related posts inside RSS
  • Extended the_tags function (outside the loop, technorati, etc)

Usage Your Site
If you have any kind of fear what-so-ever that doing any of this will cause you to lose visitors, then you either need to rethink the copy you’re using or the usefulness of your site to begin with. Website traffic that left after viewing your “About This Website” blurb probably would have left anyways. You simply can not intrigue someone who is not interested in the topic to begin with but at least the didn’t leave out of frustration.

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  1. Rob good point on the “Make it Clear” if a reader ends up at your blog for whatever reason you want them to know why they want to come back and what for.

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