Increase Earning Potential With These PHP/mySQL Tutorials


If you’re feeling stuck with some of my most recent posts that contained PHP and mySQL code, then you’re not alone. Since I decided I would be posting a fair amount of tips/tricks in this way I thought I’d point you in the direction of how I learned some of this mumbo jumbo in the first place. I’m assuming you already have basic knowledge of design and standard HTML. If you just asked yourself “what’s that”, you’re in a whole other ballpark. That said, here’s the list:

Web Monkey – They have a lot of great stuff here in general, and I still remember this site as the first one i learned PHP/mySQL from. The principals in this tutorial can be applied to almost anything.

PHP.Net – This is your bible for every function in PHP. The hardest part of PHP (or any language) is not knowing what functions are available to you. Find small scripts, play with them, and look in the code for their functions – usually written as “functionname(variable)”. If the function confuses you, look it up on this site. Soon you will be able to analyze entire scripts and state verbatim what they’re doing on each line.

Forums! One of the best learning tools. Read other peoples problems and then see how they were solved. Again, look up any functions you don’t understand. Pick out posts that have common goals of functionality that you may want on your site. Use your imagination and don’t question initial ideas that might come to you if you’re still new at this. Research ways that they might be accomplishable. Here’s two great forms to do this on: WebmasterWorld.Com & DigitalPoint

We all learn differently so here are two more great PHP/mySQL tutorial sites (which had they existed back then, would have helped me a lot): php-mysql-Tutorial.Com & Tizag.Com
There’s no substitute for a good book when trying to understand the basics (however its not necessary given the links above). I did find that information was presented in a slightly different way, therefore its worthy to mention. Learning this kind of thing online offers a lot more self directed learning and thus you tend to get further faster. But if all these fail, pick up a very simple book on Amazon or your local book store. If you’re determined you’ll pick up PHP coding just like anything else. Start with small scripts (or even free prewritten scripts – there’s a ton out there) and keep in mind, you can always reuse code for other applications and build on it.

An additional thing to note: I have never really considered myself a programmer. I like what I can do with the code, and I’m only fond of PHP/mySQL. If you told me to code something in C++ I could probably find my way at this point, but I would hate it the whole way through. My incentive behind picking up PHP was simply because of the “cool” new features it allowed me to add to my websites, and then automate it so I could earn passive incomes :)

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  2. Forums are great – I got my feet wet with a sort of company intranet in the late 90′s which led me full steam into php forums and coding in general.

    I remember the good old days when phpBB forums were hot and blogging hadn’t taken off yet. Actually – I have some templates on my computer that I doubt anyone still has a copy of :p

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