Google Too Effective – Experiment Foiled


I mentioned back in my AdSense indexing post that I was experimenting to find out if Google indexed you faster if you had AdSense on your page. I’m sorry to say the results are obscured because somehow I got indexed in the search engine three days after my domain was bought! (the test only started on the 7th day of owning the domain)

So when I went to Google my domain yesterday and low and behold it was there, I was in shock! I know when it was index because it was on the original theme I had left it on right before changing the design to how it is now. Obviously it got leaked out before hand. I see three possible reasons:

  • I noticed I’m showing up in technorati.com. Perhaps WordPress, or one of the plugins I had installed communicated my domain link somewhere (to technorati) which is continuously visited by Google.
  • When I bought my domain they must also have a system that automatically sends data either to Google directly or another system in which Google checks so that they can index new domains faster/easier – Wishful thinking for us all.
  • On a daily basis I have been typing my domain into Google to see if it does exist. Maybe they logged my search and looked into it?

The 2nd thing I mentioned I believe is flawed becuase when I bought this domain I also bought another which I have done nothing with except put a default index page for. It is not indexed and is part of a project I will reveal more of in the future. In all likelihood these results stem from my first theory. Something got leaked through the setup of WordPress itself. So if you’re looking for a quick index, maybe you should try installing WordPress. Use it as your news system or just blog once a month! – Very little effort needed. Google must also be at the top of their game right now as it seems to be naturally indexing sites a lot faster then it used to.

Now I need to generate some results for this experiment that do not use WordPress. A few of the projects I will be working on the next few months will allow me to do this and I will update this post then. If you are in the position to do so, test this out and share your results!

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3 Responses to Google Too Effective – Experiment Foiled

  1. You are right. It is WordPress that “gives you away” to the search engines.

    The two ways to avoid this, for academic reasons, are as follows:
    1) Admin area > Options > Privacy
    Choose not to make your site public and accesible to search engines. WARNING: This might actually block search engine bots so use with care.
    2) Admin area > Options > Writing
    Remove the Pingomatic (and any other) address from the box listing services to ping when publishing new posts. Pingomatic automatically pings many blog directories including Technorati, which explains the quick indexing.

    Great blog, Rob. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks samir for a quick breakdown of this. At the time of posting that I was completly unfamilure with wordpress (blogging platforms all together really). I take for granted my own CMS systems because I know everything thats going on behind the scenes ;) . Thanks for the comment!

  3. You’ll have to know that there are sites presenting new domains registered – bots may have info from these sites. You don’t need to link to your blog to get indexed.

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