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I don’t keep up with politics or foreign affairs much but it doesn’t take much to notice we are in a recession in the US. What does this have to do with internet marketing and websites? Well, everyone seems to be gunning for the “get rich quick” schemes so they can live a better life via retirement and do whatever they want. I’m sure there’s an argument for that, but I don’t know many millionaires who decided to retire at age 30. For the same reasons that Tom Cruise, Opera and others have not sat around on their asses with their millions… they would become bored. You could probably argue that Paris Hilton works too (ok I digress). If you can learn to think about things this way it can be a bit of a stress and pressure reducer from a current situation you’re not happy with. Its about knowing your goals and looking more like 20 steps ahead rather than two (or none for some of us).

Your number one goal should be finding a career or line of work that makes YOU happy and work your way up. Where in those get rich quick ebooks that you paid $500 for does it have a chapter titled “happiness”? This is why you are occasionally told “don’t start internet marketing, building websites etc. if you are in it mostly for the money.

If you’re still in junior high, high school, or college I cant stress enough that work experience (early on) even if its volunteer work at a company that does what you’re interested in can be a major doorway for a happy future career wise. Giving 1-2 months during a summer is well worth 50 years of your life (8 hours a day) in which you’re setting yourself up to be happy. The field I am in (internet related) can be self taught on your own time. Its sad but true, I am further ahead in life today because 10 years ago at age 13 I was blowing off my HW to create websites. Granted my parents were always OK with C’s. I’m sure there are other fields where this applies. Just think… First through 12th grade and then 4 years of college. 16 years of your time which wont really be looked at again after you have a year or two of experience under your belt. It’s a high price to pay indeed. I realize this is easily arguable depending on your choice of career.

Take a look at these factors specifically for yourself and set a plan of action. No matter what your interests there is probably something you could be doing/researching independently to put yourself ahead in the future. That is the true key to a proven “get rich” scheme and includes the bells and whistles like a better sense of well being, self improvement, and happiness.

That’s the secret to life AND getting rich… now where’s my $500? Kidding ;)

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5 Responses to Get Rich Quick By Preparing Early On – Career Advice

  1. Hey Rob,

    Yes, the “overnight successes” we hear so much about (and try to emulate) are often years in the making. But most people don’t see that and just try to get the “success” part without the work leading up to it.

    On you point about spending years in training, I’m an electrical engineer who has spent years in industry. It’s that experience with technology and project development that I’m leveraging in my own online endeavors.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Hi Roger – Thanks for the comment. You sound like a perfect example who would find success in tinkering with online projects. You don’t get something out of nothing which you’ve evidently realized. Its great when you can pull from your existing career to help your online work, even if just happens to be that you’re an expert in an non-online related area.

    Random side note: If anyones having trouble coming up with topics for online projects, just think about your own hobbies.

  3. Great article and so true. After 4 years online I am finally seeing success. Maybe not financial success but through my learning I have found that I like blogging. Now I just need to get on the wordpress train and stop being lazy using blogger.

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