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A lot of us have scheduled postings to help us with the unforeseen circumstances which Darren from Problogger described in one of his recent articles: Plan your next weeks posting schedule. But how many of you have a “Just in case article”, as in just in case you hit it BIG. What if your site gets on the front page of Digg? What if your site gets posted for free on a heavily trafficked site in your niche simply because they liked your content. What if probloggers site goes down and he decides you’re a worthy substitute to redirect to temporarily ;) (some poor server would take an unexpected beating). If you’re like me, that’s a lot of pressure on yourself and performance wise on your next article that goes up. Your next post should occur immediately after and be particularly useful to gain maximum recognition and momentum in the niche you command. For example, if you get featured on Digg, you have a short window of time (generally less then 24 hours) and should have a killer article waiting on the sidelines.

You already have the readers attention, prove to them its not just a one hit wonder. If they check out your main page (just about any blogs #1 viewed page) or most recent blogs (which you should have on a sidebar of your site) they will see your newest killer story. Seals the deal for anyone thinking your previous post might be a one hit wonder. A confirmation to them that your site holds a treasure trove of interests on a relevant subject.

Strategize niche options: Have “players” to choose from when you take this concept a step further. If your blog touches on two or three sub topics try to have a similar article of each waiting in the side lines. If you’re second article is a success you’ll also have an option of keeping the momentum going. A sure fire way to make a name for yourself in a short span of time.
Encourage new readers to explore: Within your “just in case” articles, work in as many related links to other parts of your site as you can. Also be quick to do this in your initial article that’s getting all the attention. Its easy to intrigue readers with other parts of your site from within winning content.

We all try to post great stuff, but there are those occasional stories that you know will be bigger hits then others. If you’re a new blog, save some of the your best stuff for later in the game when more eyes are watching and anticipation is high. The best article in the world might not recieve attention if your crowd is too small. I’m not a big sports fan, but I bet I wouldn’t still be hearing about the White Soxs winning the world series a year later if there were only 10 people in the stands. Of course I live in the Chicago area too…go figure.

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  1. Thanks for this great blog post man. I will apply this to my blog! keep them coming

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  6. Interesting idea. Do you think that there is a danger of writing a killer post, but having it in the sidelines for so long that someone else blogs about it first?

  7. I’m sure the possibility is there, but I dont think it would happen often. If you’re concerned about that you can always switch your article out and replace it with a newer article. Then post the old one that had been in there a while. Who knows, maybe it will generate some traffic which will kick off using both of them.

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  11. All excellent advice!

    First hand I can tell you that no two niches behave the same way.

    The alinks wordpress plugin helps a lot with this imo.

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