Expanding Your Reach On Social Book Marking Limits


You can only pump out so much content for your website or blog. Particularly if you’re running other projects that don’t release content on a regular basis. So for those with extra time on their hands, you might want to consider this tactic.

After about 15 submissions from the same domain, a site like StumbleUpon ignores your submissions. Unless of course you’re interested in creating several accounts which really isn’t beneficial to anyone and you’ll probably be caught after a while. A solution around this however is to expand your reach into book marking other URLs that mention your site. While you’re at it, you might as well utilize multiple social book marking platforms. This will indirectly build traffic through other blogs and articles that link to you by promoting them.

First Find Where You’re Linked:

    1. Check your Pingbacks/Trackbacks assuming they’re turned on.
    2. Technorati is one of my top picks to find linkbacks.
    3. If you’re not already running Google Analytics you should consider it. Check in you’re referring URL’s and see whos already sending you traffic. Then use Google by searching with the “site” option.
    4. In a similar manner as above you could Google your own domain and specify the “link” option.

      When you bookmark a site put in relevant keywords and a short description. Too much work? I know! Use a site like this: Socialmarker.Com. Be accurate but efficient. Skip social book marking sites that are less popular and have difficult or complex forms to fill out.

      Three Key Benefits:

      1. You directly help and support someone that supports you. If you’re in blogging to make connections with people, this is a great way to get noticed.
      2. By linking to other great content within your niche (not necessarily because its linked to you) you’re also building your social book marking profile. Useful in its own right since many people will add you as a friend if it looks like you’re a mindful and active surfer.
      3. Reinstating the obvious: You’ll get indirect traffic.

      I do this frequently for fellow bloggers that send me trackbacks/pingbacks to give back to others that give me recognition. I often find the kindness is repaid in the long run. Also note, doing this with younger sites tends to work best since larger blogs (while I’m sure they would) simply don’t have enough time in the day to social bookmark everyone that links to them.

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      2 Responses to Expanding Your Reach On Social Book Marking Limits

      1. Good information. I have been banned from most of the major bookmarking sites I guess because of submitting too many stories from the same site.

      2. I can see why…you dropped your link randomly in the comment even though it would be tracked as nofollow anyways. the same link shows up for your name. People see that as site clutter. If you wanted a follow link on this site I made it VERY easy without having to spam: http://www.robmalon.com/wordpress-link-love-follow-on-plugins-and-tweeks

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