Dynamic Website Uniqueness: HowTo Stand Out On The Internet


Its no coincidence I learned a web development language such as PHP. Static content websites and free prepackaged dynamic scripts are losing their appeal and luster in gaining new visitors. The fact is, if you can create a dynamically enhanced site (not just plain dynamic anymore) then you’re already that much further even if your content needs some work.

Serve up the internet on a golden platter:
People want function and usability. A 1000 page static site means 10 times less then the 100 page dynamic site that searches, ranks, and shows onsite activity. Those elements will not show on static content sites and useability is still limited using free scripts. If its not new and improved it seems like people dont want anything to do with it. “Just another one of those sites” they say as they hover over the little red X on your site.

Unique dynamics:
Dynamic sites are great, but even so, look at all the hodge podge scraped together sites on the internet. Script kiddies and static html. (with arguably good content in a few cases). But several, including myself are developing a blindness to them. Remember banner blindness? People will completely ignore an image that is 468×60 pixels even if you’re not trying to sell something. Clicking on that link may have even changed their life forever, and its simply ignored. The same thing is happening with blogs, topsites, link directories and other free script packages you can install with little to zero knowledge about web development. When I launched topsites.extreme-gamez.org three years ago I put a large effort to modify the site with additional features that no one else had. I used a script that has become much more popular in that time, but the fact still stands, my site looks very different and has qualities that other topsites with the same script don’t have. I hardly touch the site now and make an easy $10 a day by managing it for 2 hours every 3 months. YEP! that’s 2 hours of work for $900. My topsite has taken much more notice in comparison over the same span of time as others using that script. I believe the creator of the script is named Jeremy. You can find his site/script here: aardvarktopsitesphp.com – Do something special with it ;)

Pre-made/free PHP scripts like this are great, but more often then not people essentially toss up copy cat sites without even meaning to. Some might have thought twice if they knew how many other people out there were using the same script in their nitch. So go ahead and do the 5 minute configure/install to create another topsite, free directory, or CMS that doesn’t really add more to the web then clutter and server cycles. Essentially what you will find is the sites that do stick around are the ones that spent some time marketing or people that were willing to take a back seat while they hopped their site goes somewhere.

What can you do?
If you’re finding yourself in this position you have one of two options:

  1. Start moding/hacking the script. Learn more then just HTML. Eventually you WILL start to learn the language and you will be able to do more. Its a process, but eventually you’ll be able to apply it to other applications as well.
  2. No time to tinker? Throw money at the problem. If you’re serious about making a few bucks with a site online, there is no price on uniqueness and the kind of popularity that it can create.

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  1. Yes. dynamic is the new static…
    WEe need more dynamics…

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