Digg Vote Spamming – How Accurate is Digg – Sabotage Or Experiment?


Earlier? I posted a Digg story from this site which received 45 Diggs within 30 minutes. I was kind of shocked since the post was old news. The post that caught the attention had been continually bumped back for other posts I wanted to release first. A couple hours after this I noticed a comment on my story and a new Digg story by that person was started accusing me of buying Diggs.? I poked around through some of those users that dugg that post to find most of them had an identical Digg history and contained simularities with not just my post, but with a few others as well.

My questions:

  1. Why would someone buy Diggs and no comments to go with them? It seems like a pretty obvious equation that front page stories are the ones that are also being talked about.
  2. Why buy Diggs on an article that is old news when there are better articles I could have done this with weeks ago or even with one of the several new articles I’m writing.
  3. Does anyone expect to make the front page on speculation of old information with only 30-40 Diggs? Why would I or anyone else try to “buy” in such a small quantity when the resulting hits could be bought through PPC ads or text link ads for better results?
  4. Buying Diggs? theoretically is? really a waste of money. Problogger just commented on this in early July. Judging by his advice if myself or anyone else were to put money into social book marking it would be smarter to use stumble upon. Darren posted? his reasoning here: Why StumbleUpon Sends More Traffic Than Digg. How much would buying Diggs cost cost anyways? I don’t imagine its cheep. I could buy page views in a similar manner VIA .05 cents per view from stumble upon itself. Not to mention theres about 10 other ways to spend that money on marketing tactics that went directly to my site.

Does anyone really think anymore before they pull the trigger? The only reason why I’m getting any PR from this whole thing is because of the followup? digg that accused me of buying diggs. Otherwise I probably would have only gotten about 100 hits and it would have died. Hardly enough to warent the purchase of marketing in this way. I dont buy diggs and never will. But the way society works…guilty until proven innocent.

Looking a bit further into this…
At the time of writing this, 70% of the diggers that appear to be spammers have also consistently dugg these stories:
- Wireless_is_cool_again_Belkin_N1_Vision_200_aux_display_easy_setup – 671 Diggs
- An_idiot_is_a_genius_pic – 63 Diggs
A few other accounts also share similar Digging patterns for other stories – These, along with my post were the three most common ones. How accurate is Digg if users can find ways to spam their favorite stories?

Unless this was someone’s idea of an experiment or a way to sabotage this site and my Digg usage, its actually generated an increase in traffic and subscribers -? and its not from my original post. So if it is sabotage, its working against whoever started it. My goal on this site is to store/log a emporium of ideas and share some insight of those ideas with the community within this niche. I know I have helped a few people out with tips and advice already and I’m really glad they’re getting something out of it.

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6 Responses to Digg Vote Spamming – How Accurate is Digg – Sabotage Or Experiment?

  1. Interesting. Do you know if that story was buried.

    I also don’t see that buying diggs is a good thing, even getting involved in digg networks.

    Any pattern that is created can be detected, much better to spend your efforts on finding good stories to raise your profile.

  2. I stopped following it but I’m sure its out there somewhere. It only takes 10 seconds to digg something which just makes it easier for other diggers to digg as well. I’m more concerned with using the site as an outlet for my ideas. The least of my goals is looking for traffic – as you mentioned content is more important and should be with any site. I run other websites, a few of those recieve a range of 5,000 – 10,000 visitors a day . If I really wanted traffic it wouldnt cost me a cent.

  3. If you have websites with 10k a day, how come you have your hand out for beer money? ;)

  4. In a way it helps me guage how much people are enjoying what I write. This site is also based around making money online. It would be like those sites claiming they were great at SEO and then not having their own site optimized. So if anything else, for astetics ;) – but no, I dont plan to break the bank with that.

  5. Last night someone showed me this site just look at the title, Black Market for votes on Digg and Stumbleupon. And if you view their blog, they will discuss how their infrastructure is being taxes because of their popularity. Now you have to wonder, which stories on are genuinely popular and not bought.

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