Decrease Bounce Rate – Increase Subscribers and Visit Time


You started a blog, have some readers, and are continuing in some great work. But are you making consistent use of old content? Even if your current article isn’t catching a new readers attention, you can often redeem yourself by mentioning a few of your older posts within the first half of the article.

5 Ways To Linkbait Your Posts:

  1. Bring up old topics by relating a past story, experience, or event to a new one.
  2. Identify your current article as a step in a process. This will allow you to drop a link or possibly several to identify initial steps.
  3. If your blog has grown a bit advanced, link back to a universal tutorial on the topic. This is particularly useful if you’re losing a new readers attention when they are not quite knowledgeable for the current article to pertain to them.
  4. Enhance an old post. I frequently forget to include things in my original articles. Instead of editing or updating the old post, I save the idea to be included as part of another idea down the road.
  5. respond to related comments in old posts. Make a note to include your response in a new post you might be working on. Then link back to the original article where then comment was posted.

You should start noticingĀ a few improvements from using these tactics:
Bounce rate – Bounce rate should decrease as people will have a direct reason to continue looking at your site without having to look through your archives or sidebar links.
Time on site – Since visitors will be reading more, its obvious they will be spending more time on your site.
New user subscriptions – You will gain subscribers when you refer them to something they liked better. Not every post is going to appeal to everyone. Just because the other 70% of your content relates to them, doesn’t mean they’ll know that unless you offer it up to them.

I discuss this in more detail (A video walkthrough) in a newer article here: Website Changes That Improve Bounce Rate And Time On Site

If you have any other tactics you’ve used before please let us know :)

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17 Responses to Decrease Bounce Rate – Increase Subscribers and Visit Time

  1. Great post. Only thing missing is a link to a previous post!

  2. This might be a crazy question, but where does Google explain what the different measurements are in Analytics? I was trying to find their definition of bounce rate, pageviews, visitors, etc. for the longest and I still haven’t found it yet.

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  5. I like the idea of using series to decrease bounce rate. It’s a good way of letting readers find more information easily. :)

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  8. “respond to related comments in old posts” is also a good tip if you are struggling to come up with original post ideas!

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  14. Ok, I stopped to read this article but if it weren’t to write this comment I would have bounced. :) )
    Your design and colors just don’t trick me in :|

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