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If you love Open Atrium then check out this list of modules which will help you setup new features into your workflow. Every item here is something currently absent from OpenAtrium.


Atrium 1.0 had been released at the time of writing this. Therefor any modules that duplicate functionality already found at this version are included at the bottom for reference purposes. Note, that does not mean that all the modules here are compatible with the latest version of Open Atrium.

Open Atrium Modules

Atrium Answers
Tag: Question Answer
Requirements: Atrium Beta 8 or Lower, Userpoints 6.x-1.x, Userpoints Karma 6.x-1.x, Voting API 6.x-2.x, Vote Up/Down 6.x-2.x (*not* compatible with 6.x-1.x)
Question/answer feature for Atrium which allows voting up solutions much like yahoo answer works. If you’re using a newer version of Atrium, (or even if you’re still on an old one) you may want to use Question/Answer instead and then add in a menu link in atrium. There’s also a few other options for this that I have not listed here.

Atrium Folders
Tag: File Management
provides an ajax drag/drop file folder tree. Place and organize your own repository of documents from reports, meetings, images, completed projects etc. Note this does not allow permission based folders. You either have permissions to view the folder files, add files, or have no access at all.

Atrium Leads
Tag: CRM
Requirements: beta 9, Link module
This feature creates a new content type called Business Lead. Ideas of things you can track: potential clients, RFPs, job offers, or tracking candidates for hire. Fields within this are: Description, Link, Contact Information, Keywords, and Status (New, Contacted, In progress, Closed, Abandoned). A view is added for lead/status/tag navigation

Bulk State Notify
Tag: Notifications
Setup groups of users to receive reoccurring notifications based on a cases state. Use can use this to remind users of high priority items that were forgotten about or have not received a response. If a case does not belong to that user anymore, it will help them be more responsible in passing it along to the right person. Reminders can be set on a configurable schedule.

Case Tracker Comment Driven
Tag: Field Data
Requirements: Beta 8 or older, Comment driven
Limitations: Probably does not work with Beta 9 or newer due to castracker_basic_case view reliance.
Lets you add CCK fields to case tracker nodes and comments so that you can track changes to that entity with each comment. Much like the priority, status, and type drop downs work.

Case Tracker Plus
Tag: Project Management
This is a Case Tracker replacement.Adds features like Gantt charts, progress/duration fields, and task based dependencies. New content types: Task & Projects.

Tag: Project Management
This is a mindmap editor that integrates with Drupal. Not specifically for Atrium, but there is an integration noted for Beta 8. Untested on newer versions but probably still works.

Tag: Project Management
Requirements: Features, Strongarm, CTools, VotingAPI, Notifications Team, Notifications, Messaging, Date, Views, CCK
Limitations: Appears to have conflicts with newer versions of Atrium. Specifically with casetracker notifications. Also, no calendar integration yet (though can be done manually by editing calendar views).
Lets you create meetings with agendas, notes, invites, attendance, time, and location.

Tag: Project Development, Suggestion Box
This is a glorified suggestion box. Post ideas, vote and discuss them, filter the most popular ideas.

jsGantt View
Tag: Project Management
This is a style plugin for views that allows a Gantt chart display using Javascript. You enable it and configure a custom view to use it. Manual labor not included. This is included in CT Plus, but if you’re not installing that because of version incompatibilities you can still try to use this on it’s own.

OG Private Content
Tag: Access Control
Makes content within a group private. Provides an on/off switch that correlates to a role based permission. This would probably be more useful if it was user or project based. Useful for creating cases that are for the “higher ups” that want to manage cases related to a project that a client should not see.

Open Atrium Iterations
Tag: Project Management
Requirements: Atrium Beta 10 or higher.
Creates a content type that allows you to define iterations of tasks. It also implements an optional due date field.

Tag: Content Display
Requirements: A presentation library (s5, Slippy, homegrown “handout”)
Instead of using PowerPoint at your next meeting, create nodes in atrium and use that to present a slideshow of content to an audience.

Software Projects
Tag: Project Management
Requirements: Project (project-6.x-1.0-alpha4), project_issue-6.x-1.0-alpha4 and views_customfield-6.x-1.0
Provides a bundle config for adding issue tracking features to your project. Issue tracking right now is controlled by casetracker. This aims to add tracking that is more version control code repository based. It uses the project module (Where you download things on drupal.org) to do it’s tracking.

Time Tracker
Tag: Time Tracking
Requirements: For reports: Views 2, Views Calc
A module that adds time tracking features to any node or comment field. There is no dependency on Casetracker, however if you have it enabled you’ll get a bit more functionality out of it. Supports start/end times, durations, a running timer, estimates, time sheets, and reporting. Grab Atrium Time Tracker and Atrium Time Tracker Reports for added functionality.

Views Bulk Operations
Requirements: Views 2 or 3
Lets you bulk execute commands on the results of views. Commands are defined by rules which allow you to execute custom actions. To give you an example, you could bulk move all of a views filtered results into a new project. This is something that is tedious, 1 by one. Basically anything you want to do in bulk without having to look at the Drupal database and create a custom query for.

Other Atrium Modules & Scripts

The following are here for completion but appear to be obsolete, outdated, abandoned, or too buggy to be of any real use other than as a reference. You can read more about them on their project page.

Atrium Invoices
Case Tracker Due Date
– Built into Atrium 1.0 (released July 17th 2011).
Organic Groups Privacy – This is an API module for public group access control.
Yet Another Time Tracker – Use Time Tracker instead.

Non-Atrium Modules

Useful Modules Not Specifically For Atrium, but you may want to add these to your Drupal 6 install of it.

Outline Designer – Use Ajax to build and organize your notebooks.
Drupal Wiki – Add a Wiki

Other Resources

Official Open Atrium Contributed Features List

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  1. Awesome list. Thanks for sharing. I would like to reference from OA.com

  2. For the purpose of this article I tried to stick to enhancements that relate directly to existing Atrium functionality. There isn’t a module specifically for atrium, but there are a ton of modules/functionality that could be a part of any site. This is one of those things. Take a look at this: http://drupal.org/project/webmail_plus

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