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Google Alerts has been around for a while now. A great tool that never seems to be used to its full potential.Some use it for quick up to date access on their favorite topics.

Others use it to find out if their site gets hacked.

However, as an internet marketer, there are several other things you can do to make this tool worthwhile

Increase Traffic, Branding, And Income

I wouldn’t be the first to tell you that involving yourself in your niches community is how you’ll ultimately get ahead. Especially while building your brand. Gary Vaynerchuk preaches this in all of his keynotes.

If you’re familiar with the concept behind products like Fast Blog Finder (which has a pretty nice free version) then using Google alerts for the same sort of purpose is the same thing.

The biggest difference between using Fast Blog Finder and Google Alerts is that you’re tracking current blogs, groups, videos, and web content. Not an article that’s been sitting out there for the past 5+ years.

  • Increase traffic to your blog – Leave a relevant comment about something that you talk about regularly. If you have a few series posts or a favorite category/subcategory that you’re always talking about, then who better than YOU to make a comment about it on another blog as soon as it appears on the internet.
  • Branding – Associate your name in your niche. If you’re always the first one the comment on a new post for the topic you’re interested in then you must be an authority right?! Just make sure you’re leaving useful comments. Show off what you’re passions are!
  • Eliminate competion – If you’re selling a product or service in a niche where you have 2 or 3 close competitors then this is perfect. Set an alert for their product name. As soon as someone posts about your competitors product, there you are. Showing up just in time to say “hey, have you tried XXX yet”?No one needs to know you own the product. Just mention it and contribute to the article accordingly. Try to avoid “pushing” your product. Especially if your site exemplifies front and center why your product is better than your competitors. All you need is the first link. If anyone is really in the market for your services, they’ll click through and do their own comparison.

Instant Results

If you’re starting to setup your alerts then you’ve probably missed some recent stories you could jump on right now.

Take a look at these pages:

Apply the following rules when running a search:

  • Put your search in quotes
  • Use the “Sort By Date” option to show most recent posts.
  • Experiment with your search phrase. For example “World Of Warcraft Guides” Does not cover as many potential opportunities as “Warcraft Guides”.

Better to setup too many alerts and delete them later if you’re unhappy with results.

Setup Options

  • Use 2 email addresses. Use one email address for testing and trial/error alerts.
  • Use the other one for when you’re ready to sit down and focus on commenting.
  • You can associate your Google account with two emails. Use the accounts page to add additional email accounts.

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17 Responses to Comments Using Google Alerts For The Internet Marketer

  1. I love google alerts, but hadn’t thought of using it in this way..

    We’re always looking for places to drop links, so this is a sweet tip!

    Thanks Rob.

  2. I love google alerts and am using it for prevent my content to get copied . its a really cool tool

  3. I used google alerts or awhile but found that it got too overbearing as I made too many alert categories. I now get emails every 20 minutes for a different term.

    The other problem is that most blogs that provide alerts have nofollow links, so the links back to your site that you’ll produce aren’t as worthwhile.

  4. The strategy behind google alerts here isnt to gain backlinks. If thats what you need then You can use Fast Blog Finder.

    Using google alerts gives you instant updates and focuses more on branding. Granted it would be nice to kill two birds with one stone, and in some cases, that might happen.

    Using Google alerts to prevent copyright infringement is a great idea, however there are plugins for wordpress which automate that already. At the end of the day its faster/easier for me to use than to be managing alerts. But, whatever process fits YOU best :) . The plugin is my own preference.

  5. Rob, i really like your posts and info and I look forward to being a regular here. Google alerts is something that I use as a security feature, I never realized how much more it can do.

  6. Exactly, telling people that “my service is better than that guy’s” is like telling a woman “I’m the best lover you’ve ever been with” – it’s not like they’re not going to find out eentualy. And if you get their hopes too high it can only end in a dissapointment. You’re better off just by telling people that they might want to compare different services and hoping they’ll choose yours.

  7. Great comments here Rob. Even if you can’t use Google Alerts to build up backlinks, the amount of information you can find on your subject matter can be great using alerts. You can see what other people are taking about, and bring that into your own blog.

  8. @Creative Writing Tips – you don’t have to get emails from google alerts, you can opt to subscribe to the RSS feed

    I fins that this is a much easier way to keep track of things, as I can go over the feeds when I want to.

  9. I always new Google alerts was a powerful tool but I have only used it to see who is writing about me or my blog links.

    This is a much better way to use it thanks. I am heading to set up some new alerts now. (Ok maybe after I check a few more of your posts.)

  10. Hey!
    Nice recommendation, I have not used the Google Alerts before . but now I am using it and I am finding more easy and effective ways during applying the tool. I am just looking for this sort of information , so I am going to add your website to my list in oder to read it regularly . Thanks for sharing us.

  11. :( never used Google Alerts but as described seems very useful but would you please more explain how we can find new blogs related to search term ?? thx in advance !!

  12. I have a business news website that depends on traffic but it never seems to get picked up on Google Alerts. Any tips on how to increase the chance of getting picked up?

  13. I’m sure your website is in google alerts (as long as you can find it on a normal google search). You’re probably not using the right keywords to pull it up. Also if you’re running a blog, your keywords will be different on a per post basis. For example, if my keywords are “make money online” this post is not going to show up as an alert. If it were “google alert marketing” it will.

    If someone sees their site always showing up for a certain keyword, either they are posting the same stuff over and over, or they need some serious SEO work on their page titles. So I think you’re probably ok ;) .

  14. Good tips Rob, especially the part of setting up alerts for your competitors’ names. I personally don’t use Google Alerts, but once I have more time it probably is something I should get into.

  15. Definitely find other blog posts about the same subjec you’ve talked about. You can then referr people to your blog and get more targeted visitors.

  16. It is kinda out of box thinking I completely endorse. Its in-your-face obvious trick that alluded a lot of people from a lot of advantages it can bring. At risk sounding of cliche, great post, dude!

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