Becoming A Blogger And Increasing Traffic With Video


Creating your own video and audio recordings on your site is what I walked away with after reading A Free Ebook called: The Roadmap To Become A Blogger.

Gone are the days that you throw up any old content to a website and find accuracy in “if you build they will come“. When I started putting up websites 10 years ago that was the case. With a new blog appearing every 3 seconds, you need to do something special to prove your worth.

Yaro Starak, and Gideon Shalwick produced the eBook:

  • It contains highly accurate and current blogging strategies!
  • It outlines 5 Milestones that outline a path to making money online.
  • It Introduce the “X-Factor” – 13 strategies that will help with the popularity of your blog and grow your traffic

The “X-Factor” is the most informational part which points out unique tactics such as incorporating multimedia elements on your site. Its underutilized as a strategy on most blogs. Even I have started video blogging and recording guides.

Gideon Shalwick outlines the eBook in more detail below:

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Myth: Video And Audio Blogging Is Hard

Apart from all the resources inside Roadmap To Become A Blogger its never been easier!

Take, for example, the Flip Video Camcorders that are available for less than an IPOD. Not bad for a $149 (now $129 at Amazon – See below).

Flip Video Quality

For such a small item and great price you’d think they’d lack quality. Not So. See the video example in the walkthrough video below.

YouTube Preview Image

Documenting where you go or what you do while you’re doing it can mean a lot of extra content for your readers. If you spend anytime doing research for articles you write you know how tedious it is to try and retrace your steps and reinvent a situation artificially. Being on top of that, and using it in the way that Roadmap To Become A Blogger teaches can turn making money online into something that seamlessly happens while you’re having fun.

My buddy Todd at ToddRecommends.TV has a technology section on his blog. Video posts of “unboxings” like his recent t-mobile G1 enhances posts tremendiously.

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7 Responses to Becoming A Blogger And Increasing Traffic With Video

  1. I just started sticking some videos up on my blog. They’re from some of my training events, rather than video-blogs, but I think they may be just as good. I’ve received some positive responses. I think it’s good to mix it up. It keeps things interesting. When people have time to read, they can read. When they don’t, they can watch or listen.

    There is a pretty sweet concept of allowing readers to download your posts to audio as well… although, more technical stuff might be hard to comprehend in that format.

  2. I don’t fancy myself in front of a video, so i prefer to write but at the same time putting videos up on your blog can be beneficial to you and your visitors.


  3. Video blogging is the next big thing! Its captures attention better and better communicates with your readers.

  4. I’ve actually given this some thought but I have to overcome a huge hurdle, that of having my mug and voice portrayed for all too see. Video blogging is so more personal. I did attempt it a couple of times but couldn’t come to grips with putting it online.

  5. I recently started blogging and this seems like an interesting way to get people to see you as a real person and to promote your content in different ways.

  6. Video blogging is, i belive one effective strategy. There are different types of visitors, most of which I think likes some videos because in that way they could fully understand what you are trying to convey.

  7. Funny I ran across this post because I was just thinking the same thing. The only issue is file size. If pages to a year to load then they are not worth a lick, but tech is getting better!

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