Automate Product Urgency Dates To Increase Affiliate Profits


One of the most useful tactics in affiliate marketing is to cause a buyer to have a sense of urgency. You want them to buy a product and cause them to act on the spot since “time is running out”. How can this be accomplished? and how can we automate it!

From my point of view a site loses its trust value when you’re showing a special that ends the next day. If you are trying to keep a “special” ongoing, but at the same time want to cause a sense of urgency a simple script showing the next day just doesn’t cut it anymore. This can be represented by “Our special discount offer ends (Insert: tomorrow=currentdate+1)”. Take a look at how easy a script like that is to make (PHP):

  1. // Displays "Tomorrow: 7-28-2007"
  2. <?php
  3. //Change the "1" in the mktime line for further dates (but this will change daily)
  4. $tomorrow = mktime(0,0,0,date("m"),date("d")+1,date("Y"));
  5. echo "Tomorrow: ".date("m-d-Y", $tomorrow);
  6. ?>

If you’re a skeptic about products like me, you likely wont buy that day either. You’ll come back the next day to find you have yet another day to take advantage of savings. Then you think “Wait a minute”, and continually put off purchasing the product. If it is a business (Vs. an affiliate) doing this it is particularly poor marketing especially if you are offering a few days of a trial. That potential buyer is even more likely to see this “special” offer changing since they will be returning to the site while trying your services. “Marketing Scam” they will think – and anything that causes a buyer to coin the word “scam” and your name in the same thought is not good for your business.

Now, what if they saw something like this: “Our special discount offer is extended until (Insert: date of the next Monday)” that would be much more believable, especially for a revisiting customer. On top of that, it will continue to say Mondays date until its Monday (and then it will revert to the next Monday) and that seems more more official, right! This is seldom used because its not as easy to automate as date+1=tomorrow as illustrated above (you can find that on just about any tutorial site or on php.net). Let me reiterate the fact, picking up a coding language comes in handy when earning money online because you can run things on autopilot. Take a look back at my post last week: PHP & mySQL Can Automate & Increase Your Earnings for more info on that. But to continue on, this is what you want to use to specify next Monday and automate it:

  1. <?
  2. function next_week($target_week_day) {  $date = getDate(); //grabs current day
  3. $day = $date["mday"];
  4. $week_day = $date["wday"];
  5. $month = $date["mon"];
  6. $year = $date["year"];
  8. if($week_day <= $target_week_day) {
  9. $days_left = $target_week_day - $week_day;
  10. } else {
  11. $days_left = 7 - ($week_day - $target_week_day);
  12. }
  14. $next_week = getDate(mktime(0, 0, 0, $month, $day + $days_left, $year));
  15. $next_week_html = $next_week["month"] . " " . $next_week["mday"] . ", " . $next_week["year"];
  16. return($next_week_html);
  17. }
  19. // 0 = sunday   6 = saturday
  20. $date = next_week(1); // Targets Mondays
  21. echo "UPDATE: Due to demand, the author may raise the price again by " . $date . " - possibly sooner.";
  22. ?>

You can test them both if you want and see what your results are like. In a split test I did 6 months ago I tried this theory out: The future date always resulted in more sales for the same product (130%-160% sales boost in some cases). Depending on the services you are offering its possible a simple “tomorrow” date will work better, but for affiliate marketing, I love using the more advanced one and its a very minor tweak for some outstanding potential. Good luck, and comment with your results!

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  1. Yes … this urgency thing is not done very nicely by most sales letters as the prospective client knows it’s mostly *fake*.

    Will likely use a variant of the datefuture.txt script. Thanks mate! =)

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