AntiSpam Bee vs Akismet & Spam Prevention Methods


There is a new Anti Spam wordpress plugin out called Anti-Sapm Bee which several people are making claims to being a better product over other plugins. At first glance, I found it hard to truly compare.

Since the creators site is in German, its hard to tell exactly what you’re getting. Especially since the description of this plugin’s features tell you basic features without actually telling you how it works. So here’s to remedying that…

Post Check

The script checks that “wp-comments-post.php” is being requested properly. Checks if the method used is “POST”, and that $_POST isn’t empty.

Comment Box Switch

It creates a md5 hash string of your URL address, grabs the first 5 letters/numbers of that result, and uses it as your textarea’s box name. For example (and completely made up): name=”comment-x2nsk”. Working example:

<?php echo ‘comment-’ .substr(md5(get_bloginfo(‘home’)), 0, 5); ?>

This is in addition to your old comment box, which still exists after the new text box is added in, the old one set with a css style to display:none;.

This means a regular browser cant see it. Thus if its filled out, Anti-Spam Bee knows that its spam. However, the plugin attaches this style directly to the old form, which to me, sounds like it would be very easy for a bot to detect. It would be better (not unbreakable, but better) if this was in an external style sheet somewhere.

If you want to understand this concept better check out this post: Hidden Form Fields To Prevent Bot Spam

Checks Pings & Trackbacks

For pings and trackbacks it checks the remote address, comment author URL, and comment contents were entered.

If they are filled out, it gets the hosts name that sent the pingback or trackback and compares it to the author comment URL

Pending the results of these actions it throws the results at a filter which then puts it in a spam or approved bucket.

Akismet VS Anti-Spam Bee

So, is this really better than Akismet? For me, no, but for you , that answer could be different. Here’s why:

Akismet is unique in the way that it works and learns on a continual basis. It blacklists IP’s and does a few other checks when the data gets processed through their servers. Any spam inevitably ends up in your database so that you can see it and unmark it as spam.

AntiSpam Bee has an option to “save” things marked as spam or to get rid of it so that it never shows up in your database. Using the methods of prevention in this plugin, this is probably somewhat warranted. However, it will never prevent someone from coming to your site and filling it with junk manually.

Since Akismet blacklists “bad doers” IP addresses, that last scenario would still be blocked by Akismet but not Anti-Spam Bee.

Using Both

The nice thing is, both of these plugins will work together. The Main thing I like about Anti-Spam Bee is how light weight it is. Its a ridiculously small plugin and very “out of the box” type of functionality.

If you use both, make sure you configure Anti-Spam Bee to “Mark as Spam, do not delete” in the settings panel.

You can also alternatively use Simple Trackback Validation. See my guide here: HowTo Eliminate WordPress Trackback Comment And Pingback Spam. Which means you should check the box “Do not check trackbacks / pingbacks” in the Anti-Spam Bee settings.

Why I Wont Be Using Anti-Spam Bee

The SINGLE thing that Anti-Spam Bee does not provide that eliminates my need for it entirely is my Enhanced Numbered Equation CAPTCHA. This is because I would rather read through ANY spam that someone enters into the form manually which is NOT blacklisted by Akismet.

You can read up on that and a few other tactics that I posted on in this series: 5 Spam Blocking Posts – A Fight For Future Free Time


At the end of the day there are ways around everything. If you can find a way to use all these features at once, the more the better! Just avoid repetition of features and multiple spam admin panels. You want to save time, not create a workload of spam filters to sort through.

Make sure you understand how your spam filters work before implementing one and especially before using 2+ at once!

Spend some time and experiment with what’s out there. Comment below and let us know what combination(s) have worked for you.

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21 Responses to AntiSpam Bee vs Akismet & Spam Prevention Methods

  1. Have you tried Mollom yet? There is a WordPress plugin for Mollom available.

  2. I havent tried it, but it looks like an improvement over akismet. The core feature Akismet doesnt have which makes the move worth it (for anyone just using akismet) is the added captcha protection.

    Personally, I like mine so I havent switched to try it. Its amazing the difference a captcha makes. I wonder how Mollom would do without it when compared to Akismet.

  3. I’ve always been a little afraid of Askimet. What happens when they go out of business?

    Although I’m not keen on the idea of spam not getting through to my admin panel either, it’s a bit like ISP level spam email filtering – I’d like to be the final judge of what’s spam and what’s not.

  4. yes . Aksimet is most popular plugin But The only bad thing is to bloacklist ips . Because most of the people are using shared ips its not wise to implement that option

  5. I used to be an adamant supporter of Akismet but their blacklisting solution causes a lot of problems. It doesn’t seem to blacklist ips but urls. As such, if ONE blog marks you as spam, suddenly you get automatically dumped in spam on every blog you post on. As such, perfectly legitimate comments can be placed in spam, if some blogger gets mad at you. What’s more, there’s no undoing the blacklist. If someone’s comments get placed in spam, they ALWAYS get placed in spam from then on.

  6. If akismet goes out of business theres several others (already available in as a wordpress plugin to take its place). Defensio for example.

    Akismet could be blacklisting good IP’s but it might depend on who your audience is. If your audience is mainly individuals (in most cases for blogs it is), then an IP address is assigned to you and used on your entire home network with dsl or cable. So the extent of an IP being shared to that audience might mean you have a son/daughter who is spamming stuff on the net and blacklisting your IP. Even so, it doesnt delete it necessarily. You just need to review spam and approve it. Better safe than to have a sorry blog filled with useless links and comments on all your posts.

  7. Hey Rob.

    Thank you for your comparison. Antispam Bee is a smart and quick solution for smaller Blogs: No outbound connections, no blacklist. It is simple. I’ve been 4 months no spam, and that is really crazy.

  8. Hey!
    I have not applied the Akismet VS Anti-Spam Bee, but I have been looking for this kind of tools to my trouble which caused by the spam .so I am going to say thanks to recommend us , you save my time and reduce my workload . Good luck.

  9. I still think that simple captcha (preferably the pic that you need to describe) is the best protection from bots. However you can’t complicate it too much – it’s better to let some bots through from time to time than to scare off your users (like rapidshare did some time ago – their captcha was awful it kept telling me that I’m a bot)

  10. The convenience of these tools is tremendous. I didn’t realize how much spam there COULD be on the internet until I started my own blog and saw how many spam comments appeared almost overnight. Akismet is definitely a huge timesaver in that regard.

  11. Aksimet is proven best and most popular plugin used by wp blogger, but i have one question is any way that any can prevent their self to be spammed by aksimet.

  12. if possible than Please reply that not only Aksimet or also other spam plugin or what the structure of spam how plugin determine to spam any site they spam a name or url or what ? looking forward for reply thx.

  13. Akismet works great for me. It catches 90% + of all spam and has very few false positives. I can’t see needing anything else until my traffic jumps considerably.

  14. i’m not trying to invent something new…just use is

  15. Someone calculated that it was so inexpensive to send spam that even if only 1% of recipients bought what was being sold, it would still be cost-effective to send it. However, I receive so much that I estimate that the average person reads less than 1% of the spam they receive.

  16. Akismet is the best plugin to caught spam currently no other spam protector can give spamming protection like Akismet.

  17. Yes, most people I know only use Akismet, and some use both Akismet and Anti-Spam bee. The two work nicely and are better as a combined unit. You are right about making sure to configure the anti-spam bee before using them both.


  18. Askimet and wp-ban will do the the anti spam for you.

  19. With 2 spam filters at once you might end up filtering everything. And this won’t be good for anyone (especialy for you actualy)

  20. Istan

    SpamTask is the best. No API key required, haven’t been mistaken on my blog yet, and delivers more features than Akismet. I really can’t see why people still use Akismet. When I had it installed, it failed to catch around 4-5 messages a month. Antispam-bee nor bad behavior aren’t as good either, as you mention in your post. :)

    Great “fight” though, but I’d still prefer SpamTask, even to Akismet.

  21. You’re right, there really isn’t much of a contest between antispam bee and akismet. I have used both of them on numerous blogs and akismet is by far the superior plugin. I am interested by Istan’s comment about SpamTask, I have never even heard of that so I am definitely going to check that out.

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