Another Blogger? – Not Again


“So who is this guy?” you ask
Did you read the domain name? I did on my credit card statement, they wont let you forget when your hosting bill is due.

I have lived in the Chicago suburbs all my life. I recently graduated from Western Illinois University and majored in Instructional Design Technology (really not as fancy as it sounds) and a minor in Graphic Communications and Computer Science. I have also had hours upon hours of joy running these two sites: Gamegate2k.com & Extreme-gamerz.org. I have maintained and designed these websites since I was 8th grade. They are my first “babies” and I have learned more then their worth from tinkering. They are somewhat dated but I will likely use them in a lot of examples and explanations.

“Examples” you say – of what?
I can find interest in just about any topic, but here are the core things I’d like to stick to with this blog (in order of importance):

  • Affiliate Marking
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • PHP/mySQL Coding (with emphasis on use in SEO and affiliate marketing automation)
  • Web/Graphic Design
  • Life “hacks” & efficiency (I know it needs a better name – I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it)
  • Gaming (not sure about this one yet)

Why this site? – Must you torture us in this way?
I finally broke down after 3 years of saying “I will never want nor need blogging”. Why? a few reasons:

1) My family and friends – I love them all, but the majority of them call what I do “computer stuff” after countless reiterations of explaining. This would be a great medium for them and others alike to learn more about the above mentioned topics.

2) I get a plethora of ideas on a daily basis and more then half of them I will never be able to invest time into anyways. I would love to see some of these ideas in action as a lot of them are services I would likely use (hence the idea in the first place).

In the past month the amount of ideas that bounce around in my head have gotten to the point where I had to created a script (which has gotten out of hand feature wise) for my own personal use of logging my tasks and ideas. – More on this in a later article.

3) I want others to learn from my mistakes. I started playing with website design at what most would call an “early age”. In that time I’ve had plenty of opportunities to do things the wrong way. Learn from my mistakes.

4) To document my journey and provide some entertainment – and if to no one else, maybe just myself.


Disclaimer: I do not make any guarantees to the information I provide. I give my opinions and results based on research and experience. After viewing this site you may not be able to fly, call down bolts of lightning or gain any extraordinary super powers which may allow you telekinetic or telepathic abilities. You could get lucky however. :-p

I also want to note in advance that I am a poor writer. In HS and college my fortay was math. I also had poor grades due to lack of homework completion since I tended to put web & business stuff first (In my opinion a better education anyways). That said, I have horrible grammar and spelling. I can however spell default PHP functions perfectly, so bare with me.

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6 Responses to Another Blogger? – Not Again

  1. Lisyl Malon

    Hi, its amazing to know that we have same surname…But i know, were not relatives because im a Filipino and you are…i dont know hehehehe

  2. Either that or a male in my family took the family tree in a new route. Nice to meet you =)

  3. I think you mean blogger right? Not Bolgger ;-)

  4. Nice catch. Fixed it. On my first post ever non-the-less. Not a good omen ;) .

  5. Dear , Your site is great and informative .

    This time , I am searching how to decrease bounce rate and found your site , I add it my google bookmark.
    I will meet you next time
    bye bye

  6. I was reading the comments made here and i had a laugh about one of your family males taking the family tree in a different direction :) , you have come a long way since this first post.

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