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Well this site has been around for a little over five months now and I know I’ve slowed down with it. Not due to lack of interest. Certainly not due to lack of material. I keep a folder of blog topics and I find myself throwing a new one, or even a mostly finished blog in that folder every other day. The problem is I hate putting less effort into something that I have higher expectation of within my own ability. And even that is hard to live up to when time is running short.

That said, I am a one man circus. The primary functions I see myself performing are the following: Graphic Designer, Coder, Content Provider, and Project Manager. Being a jack of all trades isn’t as glamorous as its made out to be when you need to start spitting out work. I do however love being able to converse in my areas, with many people, and have the ability to put a project together while looking at several angles. These factors are a major reason why I feel I can extend my projects and build them in ways that others couldn’t. It makes the idea process a lot easier when your team can converse seamlessly right in your head. Most would contract or hire out at least two of the other people in my position. But then I would feel like other people were getting to have MY fun :) . I know the arguments that can be made with this but if you’re having fun, why not just see where it goes as is? I’m sure a lucky few of you are in the same shoes.

I love blogging, but may have a very fluctuated posting schedule. I put most of my energy into new projects when I start them but in-between I will share anything and everything about the processes that I go through to creating web startups online. Coincidently I’m on the verge of finishing one of larger projects I’ve been doing. I look forward to sharing the types of functionality it has, behind the scene looks, thought processes, and howto’s for the novice and advanced users. I will also be segregating certain features of my own sites and make them available as scripts for some of the larger implementations.

Here’s a sneak peak for what I have to share with you all in 2008:
-Form Spam is sneaky but so am I – Automation ideas with a twist.
-Creating content you already know will be popular within your own site.
-Automating the low hanging fruit. Search engines are actually choosing my meta keywords for me and rearranging them on a daily basis to optimize them.
-I don’t want to write content, so lets have the users do it – I’ll explain how you easily run contests on any site by implementing a random “you won” script to a lucky visitor who has met your X requirements. And a few other content writing incentives as well!
-Incentives to make your site go viral. A small example of this would be tracking your incoming traffic and dynamically outputting the top sites
-Earnings Analysis. Why open a lemonade stand and ONLY sell lemonade. Lemonade sometimes leaves an awkward after taste. What if you sold gum too? Apply this ideology to a website and you can nail some extra sales next to popular content.

See you all in 2008!

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