Adsense Ads Increase Whitespace And Improve CTR


If you use Google Adnsese on your website you might have noticed a change in the format recently. This change has also boosted Click Thru Rate for several publishers. Google has increased the padding between each ad. A minor change for a staggering result. A little bit of whitespace makes each ad stand out that much more and results in more clicks from visitors. You can see the extra bit of spacing on Googles Ad Formats. Whitespace is particularly noticeable on the square ads, rectangular ads, and skyscraper ads. You can read their announcement on AdSense’s additional whitespace here.

Most publishers will notice the trend best if they’re sending at least 50 clicks a day to ads, but it should be benefiting you even if you get less than that. If its not, you might want to consider optimizing your advertising by reading through these posts:

Google makes a lot of minor changes like this on an ongoing basis, though its usually not in favor for the pockets of publishers.

“One way in which we achieve this is by making continued tweaks and innovations to the user behavior and appearance of our ads. In the past, these experiments have included changes to the font styling, coloring, spacing, and other aesthetic components. More specifically, changes such as redesigned ad units and arrows to show additional ads have stemmed from these tests.”

AdWords Advertisers Benefit At AdSense Publishers Expense

Google’s claim is to help everyone, but the bottom line is CPC ads are being refined. More often than not that means less profits for an advertiser. For example, early 2008 the click thru rate for all publishers majorly dropped when Google disabled the clickable whitespace in ads. Now you can only click an ad if you click the link. Rendering paid miss-clicks a thing of the past and improving bounce rates for advertisers using AdWords.

Even though I saw a bit of loss in CTR I would agree that it was a smart move on their side. As an AdWords users, I saw the benefits on that side. So if you’re on that end of the stick as well, you’ll break even.

Top 2 Ad Placements For Best Click Thru Rate

I highly recommend the largest rectangle ad (336 x 280) towards the top of you page inside the content area. It has proved to be the best converter for me on several sites.

Likewise, an ad placed immediately after your body content is useful in generating income from an increased CTR when users are planning to exit your site regardless of how useful the content is you’ve provided. If not, rest assured, everyone knows where the back button is. In this area I’ve had mixed results between 468 x 60 and 250 x 250 sized banners being the best performers. My suggestion would be to start off with the 250 x 250 ad. If that one performs best, you might also want to try to split test a 336 x 280 ad in that spot too.

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  1. yes, but my only beef with Adsense is it is not commercial site friendly. Hate to was money getting the people to my site and pay a few cents to let them leave.

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