6 Reasons To Create A Website Before A Blog


Who has a blog? How many of those bloggers have websites? If you’re blogging for money or traffic you may be passing up a valuable learning experience and traffic/income source. I’m not sure where this got started. Maybe sites like Problogger, Entrepreneurs-Journey, Shoemoney or John Chow looked like something you could do to make money? As all websites have a bounce rate so do new webmasters. Are you prepared to be a blogger before a webmaster?

Applications like WordPress and Blogger gained adaptation by the public because of their simplicity. However making money online isn’t always as simple as installing a script and posting content these days. If you’re impressed with those sites listed above then there’s a few things they share in common to be aware of.

  1. Each one of those sites are not the first sites they put up.
  2. The first sites they put up didn’t have anything to do with blogging for money.
  3. They either learned the skills they needed or paid for the service. If your wallet isn’t at the ready you’ll want some training. WordPress is one of the greatest tools out there for setting up a site in a pinch, however you’re learning about WordPress, not webmastering when you use it.

I have created and managed websites for the past nine years (and was actually against starting this blog at first). Before you start blogging you may want to consider what a regular website will do to benefit you first:

  1. Make the mistakes before you start branding your blogging site. You can always move your content to another domain or rename the site without much consequence. Starting over with a new identity with the same blog posts is a lot more noticeable. Especially if your site is YourName.Com. I would argue there is more of your “personality” in your blog and people remember that better then a random content website.
  2. Learn the code. No one knows how to create a killer site right off the bat. Its going to take practice and redesigns (unless you hire someone to do the design). Even if you use WordPress or Blogger, knowing simple HTML can be a huge help when forced to manually edit something that isn’t displaying right.
  3. Posting frequency – On general content sites you really don’t need to pay as much attention to this. A content website is far less demanding.
  4. Traffic and promotional platform – if you start a content site in the same niche (maybe with a slight twist) you will have a great site to springboard your blog from.
  5. Less consequences for “giving up” for a while – If you recall I covered this in my post: Time Could Make You Rich Online – The 7 Step Plan. Some of the sites I maintain I go 1-3 months without posting new content. No one ever notices (or maybe they do), yet my traffic stays the same or keeps increasing. This is niche dependent, but works for many of them.
  6. Patience – A typical website requires patience when you’re concerned about traffic. A large portion of your daily traffic percentage will likely come from directories and search engines and this could mean waiting till your content is 1) indexed and 2) has a higher pagerank. If you wait it out however, it reaps large rewards in the long run. If you dive deep enough into webmastering you may learn methods of implementing your own RSS feeds, newsletters, social interaction (like page comments). If you can do this already, then there really is little difference between the two.

Ideally it would be best to develop a blogging site and a website at the same time. From my own perspective I think a novice would have an easier time promoting a blog (because of their built in viral nature) then a regular website. However if your niche is on the same ground with both sites then you’re in a win win situation.

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11 Responses to 6 Reasons To Create A Website Before A Blog

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  3. Interesting post and coincidently I am developing a Website and a blog with the same theme, hoping to link them together. Much to be learned by doing both. Time management is at a premium. For now Making Sales Making Money requires work I never even dreamed of.

  4. I must agree you make some good points,and there are many that you didnt make like the fact that google owns your blog it’s there domain not yours,I have a popular Blog Carnival And I myself am just waiting for the day Google takes it over, I do though building a blog that looks just like a website,a good example is nynursecareer.blogspot.com or istopforclosure.blogspot.com it takes some practice but blogger can really be tweaked to look just like a website.At least I think so..Given the fact that it’s a free platform.

  5. Google does not own this blog. I am using wordpress on my own server…

    Those sites are obviously blogs as well even without the blogger bar.

    I highly doubt google will be revoking their blogging service anytime soon. Unless they go under (which I cant think of how or why that would happen) blogger will be around for a long time to come.

  6. I love your site! There is so much information here. This topic is one of many that I have learned from and I want to thank you. Your visitors make useful comments also. I am new to this whole blogging exercise but am learning slowly. Funnily enough, I did start putting together a web site first. I used PageBreeze editor. I haven’t finished as I still have to write some content and link my pages and the only reason I stopped to put my blog together was to see how much traffic I would get – I used the same topic for my blog as my website. Putting the website together has helped me put my blog together, and visa versa. You informative site helps me perfect things. Thanks

    I will continue reading

  7. Welcome! Never heard of PageBreeze. take a look at Frontpage (which I used to use a lot when setting up table layouts) or dreamweaver if you’re looking for something more advanced. Using the same topics helps…especially if its a subtopic within that niche. That way your content doesnt overlap that much.

  8. Cheers, I will do. Thanks for the advice

  9. D Carter

    Maybe you did this on purpose, but in Number 6 don’t you mean “patience” not “patients”? Maybe some clients are patients!


  10. Sherri

    Hello, Rob. My name is Sherri and I am new to blogging. I would like to create a blog and I need to know what I should do first.

    Thank you.

  11. You may want to get a free blogging service like blogger.com to start out with. If you want to dive into it head first then look for a shared hosting service that has wordpress pre-installed.

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