10 Ways To Analyze AdSense Analytics To Make More Money


Recently Google Announced they are merging data between two of their largest online applications: AdSense and Analytics. Some publishers might not realize the kind of power this gives them when it comes to making money online with AdSense and in some cases other advertising methods.

As with any website improvement activity, analyzing and reacting to the data requires extra time for experimentation and continued tweaking. Working with existing content to make it better is also more lucrative and time efficient as it has the potential to expose large rewards from minor changes. If you’ve never made tweaks to your content layout, widgets or article wording, then you (like many) are missing out on more than 50% of what you could be earning. This assumes that you have some traffic to begin with. If your site only gets 50 hits a day its going to be hard to tell anything yet. First, catch yourself up to speed with the following video Google released about the new features:

YouTube Preview Image

Profiting From AdSense Analytics Data

With the new segmenting and analytics tracking you’ll be able to filter on, it opens up a lot of data analysis provided you ask the right questions.

  • Create New “Sponsors” or Link Trade – Which referrals are sending most clicks to your adsense ads? Maybe its worth asking them to do a link swap with you. If they decline that, try asking them how much it would cost for you to advertise on their site.
  • “Important” Content (Widget) – Your top earning pages can now be compiled manually at the very least from the precompiled data they provide you under “Content, AdSense, Top AdSense Content“. This will allow you to create a site wide widget in which you can name to your liking with your top earning pages.
  • Focusing Keywords On High Earning Locations – Is your site earning a lot from a particular geographic location? If so you might want to make modifications and/or add content that pertains more to those regions of the world. Add keywords to your site that focus on searches coming from that region. Chances are there are related products that are selling like crazy for that area.
  • Dynamic Geographic Targeting - Geographically sort which areas of the world are providing you the best income. Then use something like this: http://ip-to-country.webhosting.info/, http://country2ip.com, or one of many IP to location databases. This allows you to find out where people are coming from. If you’re only making a high eCPM off people in the United States then only display AdSense to visitors that fall within that IP range. Its easy enough to wrap your code in an “if” statement for that. The rest of the time (non US visitors) it can display an affiliate deal for other countries. This could work especially well with eBooks and other digital based items that don’t require shipping. Otherwise you might run into issues of shipping costs. Poke around on http://clickbank.com to find some great digital items and services to sell from your site.
  • Review Existing Top Content – Your top content is on top for a reason and AdSense just showed you what that is. Assuming your page is a gateway to sales conversions, try experimenting by substituting your AdSense ads. Affiliate offers will earn you commissions closer to $20 or $30 per sale rather than $0.10 – $0.20 cents a click. Use the current ads showing up on those pages as a baseline. They will tell you what kind of products you’ll want to push on that page. For this to work well, make sure you have removed all competing AdSense ads so visitors aren’t distracted by other offers. Also analyze the page in question in analytics (example on the right). If the bounce rate is higher than 20% or the time on page is averaging less than a minute, you may want to reconsider. Either way a one week experiment wont do much harm in the long run.
  • Time Targeting – Take a look at the breakdown of when your highest earnings are coming in. A lot of AdWords users use ad scheduling to target their ads during peak hours for their niche. Its going to be slightly different in each niche. For example a marketing site like this one earns more and gets more traffic during normal business hours on non-weekends. My game sites however almost double in activity and income on weekends. Go figure! Use that planning to code your site so that it checks your servers time and either displays an AdSense Ad (your peak hours) or an alternative ad/affiliate deal.
  • Monthly Targeting – Similar concept as above except this applies on a monthly basis and to holidays and seasonal changes in your website visitors. Using my game sites niche as an example again, those sites tend to get a huge increase of visitors during summer break when all the kiddies have time to play video games. Kids are the audience majority and probably wont buy anything (affiliate commissions lower). However with the increase in traffic and the fact that they are a bit more web savvy, they click around more. This causes my AdSense eCPM and CTR increase.
  • Content With High CTR & Low eCPM – Ditch the ads, use affiliates or other advertising services. Check page stats to help determine what route you should take (like I mentioned in the “Review Existing Top Content” Section).
  • Content With Low CTR & High eCPM – This is the one case where you either want to leave the page as is, or adjust the content layout slightly. In most cases, I’d just leave it alone and focus your efforts on content that needs it more. Note the title and keywords you’ve setup on this page. Create new content that is either a spinoff or similar in topic as you’ve now seen its a top earner.
  • Pages With Low or Zero CTR and Low or Zero eCPM - Tweak your content and layout of that content. In extreme cases you might want to modify your design a bit. Check, change, and add to your wording, keywords, title, and headline tags. Setup section targeting on your content to point Google in the right direction. If that doesn’t yield decent earnings, throw an affiliate on that page with an in-content blurb about the product. Compare a free version/method that doesn’t mention the product (hopefully one that is useful but uncommon) and then pitch the features and benefits of that product over what is available past your free information. Technically that’s what you want to do on any page :) .

Not everyone has gotten an invitation to use AdSense data within their site Analytics yet, but Google will be slowly rolling it out across all accounts. Usually that means a couple weeks to cover everyone.

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  2. speaking about adsense and keywords ,my additional info is using long tail I think will be Just great to cover up the whole idea of optimization adsense earnings.finding up the keywords from the google trends is great but I think that would not be applied great for custom publisher.my recommended idea about this is hittail and 103bees

  3. I agree that this will be a wonderful tool, but I think that for most of us it’s far too early be be drawing many conclusions from the data. I have had this enabled for about two months now and have rough half a million ad impressions – that’s just not enough to really spot a lot of trends. Maybe after 6 months I can trust that I’m really seeing accurate info, but not now.

  4. This looks awesome but I can’t find adSense on the Analytics page. Do you know where it’s at now? I would love to have this kind of data.

  5. Another great post! I keep sending links to my brother so he’ll read them too – we’re really boosting your numbers.
    Some of your ideas are brilliant, but some also look difficult to execute.

  6. Anything worth doing usually isn’t easy ;) . Thanks for sharing.

  7. It’s a little shy of months since Google integrated Adsense and Analytics. I’ve been playing with the various report possibilities and am excited about what we will be able to learn from this

  8. have installed google adsense and works with google analytical and never found any fact before that it is adsense integrated,.however thanks for the share and with the $80 more daily revenue fromthe adsense lone,I am sure that is ultimate dream of a blogger life for me that now trying to fully lived Wired-ly with he intenet DSL

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