10 New & Popular WordPress Plugins In November 2008


Last months 9 New & Popular WordPress Plugins In October 2008 post went so well, I decided to do it again for December. This time with some of my “usage tips” to give you some ideas.

I spend hours of time every month watching new plugins and features rolling into Official WordPress Plugin page. This is a summary of the plugins that I’ve tested and see being useful to the majority of WordPress users.

IntenseDebate Comments

IntenseDebate Comments enhance and encourage conversation on your blog or website. This service is gaining popularity and is free. Its a great way to jumpstart a blog by having your comments in more than one place. Comments made on your site appear on IntenseDebate and vice versa. Easy integration, Comment threading, reply-by-email, user accounts and reputations, comment voting, along with Twitter and friendfeed integrations is what makes this experience special.

Usage Tips: Enhanced comments and drive more traffic to your site!

Easy Paypal Payment or Donation Accept

Wordpress Easy Paypal Payment or Donation Accept Plugin allows you to put a simple donation button on your site, or provide a dropdown list of preselected fees. This allows for a very simplistic method of charging for services. Once a user pays you it will note the email they used. You can use that in correlation with a form if you don’t already have an ongoing discussion directly with the customer to know when they pay you.

Usage Tips: Best for simple solutions and predefined packages.

Custom Permalinks

Custom Permalinks allows you to change the URL of any page on your WordPress site. The new ones will automatically redirect the the right page as well so you get the best of both worlds.

Usage Tips: Moving your site over to WordPress? Instead of doing 302 redirects, you can simply change your new URL’s to the old ones.

Custom Widgets

This plugin allows you to specifically select which widgets appear on specific posts, pages, categories, authors posts and tag pages. You can also use conditional tags to display widgets on a per WP Template basis.

Usage Tip: Monetize your website on a per category basis.


This plugin gives your WordPress site an event management tool. Allow your visitors to signup for an event and display a list of attendees for people to see who’s coming. When the event is over, just deactivate it and it prevents further signups. The clip of the form above is only a portion of the input fields. Technically you could add as many fields as you want, but I like the built in image uploader so each person can associate a thumbnail picture with their entry when they register.

Usage Tips: You could repurpose this as a contests script.

CMS Navigation

This allows you to easily implement typical CMS navigation elements into your templates for your WordPress blog.

  • Top navigation bar, listing the top-level pages and their children (as drop-down items).
  • Breadcrumbs trail navigation that shows the path to the current page all the way from the home page.
  • Left navigation that shows where the visitor is next to the page’s parent and nearby pages.


Allows you to create and administer multiple survey’s on your blog through WordPress admin. Allows you to see results as a whole or on a person by person basis. I like this better than polls in some cases because it allows a multipart answer.

Comment Approved Notifier

Comment Approved Notifier sends an e-mail to a commenter’s when you approve their comment. No settings to configure, ust activate it.

Usage Tips: Use this as a way to draw visitors back to your site and involve yourself more within your niche. Typically, when you approve comments, you also respond to them (or you should be if you want to effectively grow your website). Approving a users comment will prompt them to come back and see that response even if they never subscribed to the comments for that post.

Social Media Page

The Social Media Page plugin adds a list of links to your social media profiles. You can then display them on page, post, or sidebar using the built in widget.

Usage Tips: The screenshot examples show the 16×16 thumbnail, social network name, and keyword. You can remove those fairly easily and simply provide the list as thumbnails which takes up far less space if you have a lot of accounts.

WP Tuner

WP Tuner plugin for WordPress (and mu-Wordpress) allows you to find out what is causing your sites performance to degrade the most. Very useful if you just installed a handful of new plugins.

Usage Tip: Use this to enhance the user experience. No one wants to wait more than 10 seconds for a page to load these days. You can also use this in conjunction with Debug Queries to find problem areas on your blog

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15 Responses to 10 New & Popular WordPress Plugins In November 2008

  1. The eventr plugin was a lifesaver for us to manage the attendees registration for barcampkerala3 :)

  2. Thanks for the great plugins. I have a couple of blogs and always looking beef them up.

  3. fantastic plugins, i will try some… i am actually looking for some awesome plugins for my site and i have come to the right place.


  4. Hi Rob,

    great site and great design of your website. I like a lot. As a newbie I’m not really trying to change anything to my wordpres theme, but I realy like the horisontal section on your front page. Where we can see the popular articles – categories – subcsribe.

    I suggest that you make a detailed post how it’s done, because a lot of people like me who do not realy ‘touch’ their wordpress theme layout would be interrested to see how it’s done. Step-by-step. Some kind of guide for newbies. I’m sure you’ll have success with that.


  5. @Vladan – The problem is, its easy to teach how to create the widgets, but everyones theme (and theming abilities) are different. I’m working on a Wiget guide of sorts, but users are always going to have a unique theme they’ll have to hack a bit so that the content displays in the fashion they need it to.

    Seeing your site, you could technically do that now. Just a matter of manually calling the widgets in your theme and wrapping div’s around them in the right order.

  6. You are right Rob,

    Every theme is different. I’l just have to experiment by myself. I can do it on localhost with Xampp. -:) But I’ll stay tuned to see your guide.


  7. Nice blog you have here Rob, You have shown some great wp plugins. Word Press have made blogging so easy with all there widgets and plugins.


  8. Thanks! I am gonna get the paypal plugin.. Its good.

  9. I like a lot Social Media Page and Surveys plugs in, just download and implement at my blog.

    Thanks by the tip!,

  10. Thanks for the round-up. Word Press keeps improving. Makes blogging so easy. Next-Gen Gallery is my favorite.

  11. I think the total plugins are what make word press so awesome. There’s so many ways to improve your blog. The IntenseDebater one looks pretty cool in this lot.

  12. @Rob Great post! Lord knows its hard enough to wade thru the clutter of all the potential decent plug-ins out there. But to have reviews like this where someone has spent the time to gather this type of data for our edification.

    Great plug-ins. Love the Comment Approved Notifier, IntenseDebate, and of course the Event plug-in!

    Thanks again…

  13. Do you know anybody who donated through paypal just because there was a gadget like this? This one doesn’t make bigger sense for me.

    I love you Rob for the CMS plugin. It’s what I was looking for a long time!

  14. Thanks Rob! I am going get the paypal plugin.. Its good. WordPress keeps us ahead of our visitors. Always considers the customer needs first than anything else. Cheers.

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