10 Ad Retargeting Networks Worth Looking Into

Ad retargeting is a unique new service that improves a business' chance of making a sale. Ad retargeting works by tracking individuals that have visited your company's website.


If the individual did not purchase a product or click on a lead, than specifically targeted ads will be placed on thousands of websites across the internet that are likely to be visited by that individual. In other words, ad retargeting is a paid service that places your company’s banners and advertisements on websites while they are being visited by a customer that has not yet made a purchase from your site, increasing the chances of your company making a profit.

Choosing a great ad retargeting company can be difficult. The following guide will help you choose between the ten best ad retargeting companies.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords stores the cookies of individuals visiting your website’s homepage and uses the information to create AdWords advertisements and banners that are specifically targeted to drawing the individual back to your site. This is a good choice for beginners because it is easy and user friendly. Additionally, many business owners are already familiar with the format of Google AdWords.


Criteo is an excellent ad retargeting service because they do not charge unless customers actually visit your website. This means you are charged per visitor rather than as a packaged service. This allows you to experiment with the service and see how well it improves your sales.


FetchBack is a popular ad retargeting service that boasts over 350 million dollars in value delivered to their clients. This is an extremely well known and reliable company that has been used by many major companies, including AT&T, Sprint, Evite, and many more.


Retargeter is a great company because it focuses on the goals of each individual business. It allows you to develop a unique plan that yields the specific results you’re looking for. They can help drive traffic to your site, promote clicking, or drive sales.

This ad retargeting service places advertisements on the most visited websites, advertising to your consumer base on the sites they are most likely to visit. This service allows your ads to reach millions of potential customers.


AdRoll boasts over three billion individuals that have viewed their ads. The company is simple and straightforward, allowing you to launch an ad retargeting campaign within minutes. The AdRoll website is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Some businesses are able to create complex and targeted campaigns in just five minutes.


Veruta has a set-up process that is so simple it takes just three steps. Additionally, they provide a tool that allows you to create your own unique banners to promote your products or services. Veruta is also unique because they allow you to set your own budget. You can choose how much you are willing to spend on ads per day and there is no minimum amount.


This Chicago based ad retargeting company focuses on dynamic ads that pull customers back to your site, helping you obtain the sales you’ve always dreamed of.

Internet Marketing Inc.

This company provides a large amount of information on the process of ad retargeting and what it can do for your business. Their website even offers a free web based seminar about how to use ad retargeting and how to get the most out of it for your business.

This site offers it’s ad retargeting services, which are provided by some of the most knowledgeable individuals in the industry. They boast on their site that they use their ad retargeting service with all of their Fortune 500 companies. This company is as efficient as possible, spending your advertising money wisely.

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