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System CPU Process & Thread ntoskrnl.exe RtlSidHashLookup

Resources June 10th 2014
Just trying out Windows 8.1 and it seems like the system process was constantly at 10-20%. Not nice (literally, it was bogging the machine down too).

Finding a MongoDB GUI Admin

Servers June 9th 2014
Compiling research for MongoDB GUI admin options. Again, I'd like to find something like phpmyadmin but for mongo.

Disable Process EvernoteClipper.exe Task At Startup

Servers June 6th 2014
If you use or need the firefox/ie/outlook integration with Evernote you can get rid of the extra EvernoteClipper process that runs when you boot your machine.

Finding a Redis GUI Admin

Servers June 5th 2014
Compiling research on Redis GUI admin options in order to determine the most functional and most supported open source option.

MongoDB GUI Admin With Rockmongo on Nginx

Servers June 4th 2014
A few projects and tools require mongodb. If you don't have the command prompt handy at all times or don't want to memorize all of that stuff you can use one of the best GUI tools for MongoDB: RockMongo.

TMP Clearing & Finding Large Files To Cleanup

Servers April 28th 2014
It's important to do spring cleaning every once in a while and ensure automated processes.

Scripts Running in PHP FPM Process Status

Performance April 28th 2014
Show the scripts that are running at any given time on php-fpm with nginx in centos 6. This is helpful if you need to troubleshoot a script that is being bombarded by bots, has bugs, or is causing excessively high load.

Centos 6 LogRotate Debugging

Servers April 3rd 2014
Not sure if your log rotate patterns in /etc/logrotate.d/* are working as you'd expect, or want to know what a pattern is catching?

Server URL Monitoring

Servers September 5th 2013
I've long used Servers Alive for my URL monitoring. It seems to have occasional application errors when booting from startup on one of my spare staging servers that I almost never keep online anymore. So, it's time to look into some new options.

Running Cron As An Authenticated User

Drupal February 12th 2013
It's clear from the Drupal 7 documentation, cron jobs don't play nice together when you need the cron job be associated with a non-anonymous publishing task. But, there is a way to solve this issue with a quick snippet of code on a per case basis.
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