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Centos 6 LogRotate Debugging

Servers April 3rd 2014
Not sure if your log rotate patterns in /etc/logrotate.d/* are working as you'd expect, or want to know what a pattern is catching?

Server URL Monitoring

Servers September 5th 2013
I've long used Servers Alive for my URL monitoring. It seems to have occasional application errors when booting from startup on one of my spare staging servers that I almost never keep online anymore. So, it's time to look into some new options.

Running Cron As An Authenticated User

Drupal February 12th 2013
It's clear from the Drupal 7 documentation, cron jobs don't play nice together when you need the cron job be associated with a non-anonymous publishing task. But, there is a way to solve this issue with a quick snippet of code on a per case basis.

References vs Entity Reference & Migrating

Modules April 25th 2012
Using node, term, and user references has been a pivotal part of many moderate to advanced website architectures in Drupal 7. The References module used for this is being deprecated. It is now suggested to use an Entity Reference. But, is Entity Reference ready for your project, and if so, how hard is it to migrate?

Customize Open Atrium - Modules & Feature Addons

Open Atrium July 27th 2011
If you love Open Atrium then check out this list of modules which will help you setup new features into your workflow. Every item here is something currently absent from OpenAtrium.

Auto Disable Cache/Aggregation/Compression On A Drupal Development Environment

Drupal May 20th 2011
Are you currently using Drush (or manually) importing a production database to your development and staging database on a regular basis. Then you tediously going into your performance settings and disabling the cache, aggregation, and compression manually?

Drupal 7 Nginx.conf Fix For Missing Images Styles

Drupal May 18th 2011
Nginx and Image Styles generation does not work out of the box in Drupal 7. You'll need to add a few extra lines to your nginx.conf file for it to work.

Development Workflows With Different settings.php Across Environments

Drupal May 16th 2011
When working with larger websites, development can be tedious when dealing with settings.php changes across each environment. There's an way to solve this and streamline your workflow.

Drupal 7.0 Preprocess Page Templates - theme_hook_suggestions

Drupal March 3rd 2011
I had to do some research and testing to understand the changes from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 template suggestions. At the time of writing this a lot of documentation appears to be non-existent or somewhat inaccurate. Documenting my own testing will hopefully save you a day of time on this.

Append A URL Link In Your Post's Excerpt RSS Feed

WP Hacks February 10th 2011
Alter your Wordpress feed (if you're using excerpts) to add a link to the end of your RSS content. The benefits extend to improving user interface (in getting to your site) and have a potential SEO impact.
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